Falling asleep on a stranger's shoulder and standing too close to someone at an ATM are all-too-common situations when we get too close to someone

Several Australian states have introduced mandatory safe passing distances for cars overtaking cyclists in recent months, but visualising a 1.5m gap isn’t as easy as it sounds.

In Tasmania, drivers are expected to leave a minimum gap of 1m on a road of less than 60kph, while on faster roads 1.5m is the minimum gap expected.

To help people visualise what this looks like the Tasmanian Government has created this funny video, showing everyday situations when people get a lot closer to each other than the situation dictates.

We’ve all had someone invading our personal space while they slumber on public transport, while standing too close to someone at a cash machine is an all-too-common faux pas.

South Australia, home state of the Tour Down Under, proposed a minimum one-metre overtaking law in January, while drivers in Queensland are being given tickets by the police if they’re seen to be overtaking too closely.

Chris Boardman recently presented a series of videos explaining how to safely overtake cyclists on the road and why riders sometimes travel two abreast in an attempt to educate all road users.


  • whobiggs

    I’ve never thought of it like this before, people give me much more room at the cashpoint than on the bike!

  • blemcooper

    Cool scenarios that may get some folks to think about their actions, but I fear that the embarrassing/awkward scenarios won’t help correct people who lack empathy, and don’t feel any difference whether they pass at 10cm or a full 1m or knock somebody off and get away with it. For those people, you need to illustrate how it can affect them, and mainly them–the “other” doesn’t matter.

    Show them how much their insurance goes up and how much lawsuits cost when they knock somebody off, cause serious injury, destroy a high end bike ridden by a lycra-clad weekend warrior.

    Show them what prison is like if they kill somebody with their truck and then flee the scene when the dead cyclist’s camera captures their license plate and live streams it to youtube.

    Show them how much damage to their precious car is done by a cyclist landing on their hood and breaking their windshield.