How they made one of last year's most memorable cycling videos

Remember the excellent European Bike Stealing Championships video? The people behind the video that attempted to find the European city with the most light-fingered bike thief have now produced a ‘making of’ film that shows how they did it.

The premise of the original video by We Love Cycling was to catch bikes thieves in the act in three major European cities – Rome, Amsterdam and Prague.

A bike was left in a public place, tantalisingly left unlocked. A hidden camera would then film the bike, waiting to see which shifty individual would pinch it first.

As soon as a thief starts to walk away with the machine… well, we won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen it, but let’s say it’s an embarrassing experience for the perpetrator.

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Although the end product was hilarious, the video’s serious side is to highlight the prevalence of opportunist bike thieves: around 40-50,000 bikes each year are reportedly stolen in Amsterdam alone. The film took quite an effort to make, and involved a fair bit of planning and hanging around, and now you can see how they did it.

We’re hoping that the 2016 European Bike Stealing Championships will return next year to shame more bike nickers. Maybe it’ll pay a visit to London.

  • André

    I believe the lady meant 40-50,000 bikes are reportedly stolen in Amsterdam, not the whole Europe. So it’s wrong in the article. Check the infographic below.

  • J1

    Wow, that’s ridiculous. Apparently in The Netherlands people have bikes stolen all the time and they just steal another one?? Like a messed up Boris bike scheme. I’m not sure I believe it but it was a Dutch guy that said it.

  • Marc Sparc

    “around 40-50,000 bikes are reportedly stolen in Europe each year” ???
    Only in Berlin 35000 Bikes are stolen each year. Not sure that statistic is correct…