Footage shows dustcart using the new segregated CS5 during refuse collections


A video has emerged of a Lambeth Council contracted refuse collection vehicle using a newly opened Cycle Superhighway in London.

As shown in the footage from YouTube user Chad Bikes London, the lorry drives along a section of the bike path whilst workers go about emptying bins.

The incident took place on November 19, and the local authority have contacted the cyclist in response to the video.

“Manager has confirmed this shouldn’t happen. They’ve spoken to contractors to ensure this isn’t repeated,” said a spokesperson said on Twitter.

The cycle lane shown in the footage forms part of a new mile-long section that links Oval with Pimlico without the need to ride in traffic.

The new CS5 was officially open last week when Mayor of London Boris Johnson rode across Vauxhall Bridge to greet waiting journalists and photographers.

The photocall didn’t quite go as he might have hoped when a commuter going in the opposite direction flicked him a one-finger salute.

Johnson has since reacted to the incident in very characteristic fashion.

  • addie Baaddiee

    hunt hunt hunt hunt

  • addie Baaddiee

    Why take my posts down ? Surely you can only be offended if your one of the twats who it’s aimed at ! Unless you have trouble riding round an obstacle, it cant be you ?

  • blemcooper

    There is a curb. Heck, there’s a (slightly) raised median. The difference is that this one bin lorry (is that the term?) is blocking both directions of bicycle travel. Without the protected bike lane there, and just a two-way road shared by bikes and motor vehicles, it would have blocked only one lane in one direction of travel.

    Bus drivers and other motorists probably loved having “their” lanes free of bin lorries while this was happening.

  • Walter Crunch

    If there had been a curb.. This would have happened. Paint is irrelevant.

  • blemcooper

    OK, so that’s not supposed to happen. Then what is supposed to happen?

    Presumably the residents along the road aren’t supposed to put their trash bins in the “Cycle Superhighway” either.

    I’m guessing they are supposed to put the trash bins on the median separating the Cycle Superhighway and the road for motor traffic, while the collection vehicle stays in the motor lane??

    This type of thing is a problem with all of the bike lanes (painted lines only) in residential areas where I live. Residents put their trash & recycling bins there, rake all of their fall leaves there (for the yard waste vacuum truck to pick up every other week), residents/visitors/landscapers park their motor vehicles there.