The incident reportedly happened when the lead group found itself sprinting head-on into the chasing peloton

Riders at a Chinese race faced a horror finish at stage four of the Colourful Yunnan Gryffindor when two groups of sprinters collided on the finish line.

Sprinting in opposite directions, the riders crashed and 17 were hospitalised as a result. Chinese media reported that the probable cause was the lead group taking a wrong turn – perhaps due to incorrect marshalling – which led them into a sprint against the flow of the chasing peloton.

Away from Chinese finish line incidents, here are the rest of our top picked cycling videos of the week.

Mountain bike legend Steve Peat says cheers

Former world champion downhiller and winner of 17 rounds of the world cup, Steve Peat has announced he will be drawing his highly successful career to a close.

In this video Peat says ‘cheers’ for everything he’s gained over the past 25 years of riding.

Day two at the Ghent Six

The Ghent Six-Day is well underway, and despite increased security fears people have been attending in their droves for some very exciting racing.

Etixx – Quick-Step pair Iljo Keisse and Michael Mørkøv are in the lead after the first two days and it will be interesting to see if they hold on for the remaining four.

“We’re not in chuffin’ France pal!”

As featured over on MBR, this new video pits a dastardly trail rider who has been “straightlining” the trails against the hero Rocketman.

It’s well shot, pretty funny and not that long – defintiely worth watching.

Accidental airbag

AS IT HAPPENED #hovding #airbagged

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The Hövding Airbag helmet is an innovative invention that looks to appeal to those who are not keen on conventional bicycle helmets.

This unfornunate chap had a bit of an accident with his airbag when he set it off by putting his coat on.

The Swedish company has offered him a replacement, so he should be able to look back on the incident and laugh.

  • I believe that the Chinese ‘race’ is advertised as a Grand Fondo. Much argument here about what that means, but in our estimation a Grand Fondo (or Sportive) is an event where your main ambition is to finish whereas a race objective is to win. If you watch, say, a pro race the job of many riders is not to win, but to help their team mate win and quite often riders will climb off before the end, job having been done. A Grand Fondo or a Sportive rider wants to finish and get a time on their medal or certificate or online somewhere. Now the trouble with these events is that many of the riders have no experience of bunch riding (let alone racing) and many organisers have not got a clue – except the knowledge of how to make money. No wonder you have bad incidents in these races. Any self-respecting cyclist would stay away. As for Iain MacGreggor’s bizarre book To Hell on a Bike which insists that he rode a race called the Paris-Roubaix – well that only perpetuates the fantasy world that these ‘sportive’ riders inhabit.

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