The incident, which reportedly took place in Dublin, was captured on the cyclist's headcam

A commuting cyclist in Dublin was lucky to escape serious injury when he was struck by a car at a junction.

Seen in the above footage, the rider is progressing across a yellow box junction as a car emerges from his left. The car continues on seemingly oblivious to his presence and collides with the rider.

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The motorist can be heard saying, “I didn’t see you coming around, sorry…. I was looking at the other side.”

A brief glimpse of the bicycle gives an idea of the damage, with the front wheel completely crumpled.

To her credit, the motorist stops immediately to check on the condition of the cyclist and offer her details.

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The most surprising part of the aftermath video is how calm the bicycle commuter remains throughout.

He politely agrees to meet the motorist further up the road to get her details and after the initial bit of swearing as he comes into contact with the bonnet his language remains conversational.

  • Riggah

    “I didn’t see you coming around, sorry”. Many drivers seem to think that this excuse abrogates them of any responsibility when it is actually an admission of guilt. If they didn’t see you then they didn’t LOOK which is at least ‘driving without due care and attention’.
    Likewise “He came out of nowhere!” – No he didn’t! Star Trek matter transporters have not been invented yet!
    “Accidents will happen” – most ‘accidents’ are avoidable and are therefore not ‘accidents’ at all.

  • Stevo

    Excellent stuff.

  • Rob King

    “The car continues on seemingly oblivious to his presence”

    to be fair to the person driving the car, they were probably looking left for traffic coming through in the opposite lane. They wouldn’t have expected a person on a bike to ride around the van and into the cross-hatching.

  • Jason Brogden

    Drivers in Dublin are usually very hesitant when pulling out in stationary traffic.
    Driving habits are totally different from that of the UK/London drivers.
    As a lorry/car driver and cyclist from London now residing in Dublin, I can say with confidence, Dublin/Irish drivers are much calmer in comparison to most London drivers.
    Road Rage is virtually unheard of.
    Though there could be some confusion here as there is a cycle path on the inside and just after the box junction, the road splits to two lanes from one, this was clearly a case of the driver not looking past the lorry, and even started the maneuver as the cyclist passed the lorry.
    I hope both parties were OK and that the cyclist has been compensated.