This light-hearted video from the Spanish Department for Transport asks people to think again about their mode of transport to the workplace


This video from the Spanish Dirección General de Tráfico is part of a new mobility campaign that asks people to look at the way they travel to and from work.

The campaign says its aim is to raise awareness of the use of public transport, cycling or simply walking from A to B to avoid traffic jams, pollution and economic costs in Spain.

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Throughout the video we follow the journey of a man whose chosen made of transport is his single occupancy car. Things start well enough as he approaches any minor annoyance with a fair level of patience.

The video takes a comical stance on traffic jams

The video takes a comical stance on traffic jams

However, as the week goes on things really start to get to him and everything boils over in a dramatic, zoo-animal-infested traffic jam.

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Out of the smoke and the mayhem emerges a happy-looking bicycle commuter, and the caption tells us es hora de cambia – it’s time for change.

  • JohnFraser

    This something of a turnaround for the Spanish national traffic authority. Only a couple of years ago the authority was trying to introduce mandatory helmets, as well as licensing and cycling tests. Cycling has been booming in Spain over the last few years and the recent election of pro-cycling mayors in Madrid and Valencia means that much more cycling infrastructure is likely to get built.