Just how much faster does world champion Sir Bradley Wiggins go than us mere mortals? A lot faster!

We know Sir Bradley Wiggins is pretty handy on a bike, but its not often that the speed differential between a world champion time triallist and your average club rider is made as clear as it appears in this video (skip to 4-15 for the action).

Shot from a rear mounted video camera attached to the seat post of a rider in front of Wiggins in the City RC 10 mile time trial on Saturday, the rainbow jersey appears, storms past, and then is gone, all within the blink of an eye.

Wiggins went on to equal his personal best over 10 miles in the event, setting a time of 17-58. It was enough to win him the race but fell 38 seconds short of Alex Dowsett’s competition record over the distance of 17-20.

Bradley Wiggins, City RC 10

Bradley Wiggins, City RC 10. Credit: Andy Jones

Meanwhile Wiggins’ minute man Andy Birdsall set his own personal best, managing to keep Wiggins at bay for over four minutes on the fast course on the A63 near Hull.

  • Luca

    shut up u scrub you wot m9

  • Stevie

    the roundabout is the half way point on V718 at around 5 miles (a tiny bit over if that). The race report on CW stated that there was a tailwind on the way out allowing his minute man to stay out for 4+ mins, thus there would be a headwind on the returning leg (also stated in the article link under teh final picture). This isn’t footage from his minute man its from another rider as it says in the article.

    The section that refers to his minute man is a link to a different article designed to make you read further into the page, spend more time here and see more adverts.

  • Peter Kortvel

    What a skinny ugly leg… how can he be so fast…

  • poisonjunction

    I don’t know the area, so you may have the advantage of me, but I’ll try to clarify your response.

    You seem to be suggesting the video begins at a RAB, which you don’t ID as the TURN, but that is what you’re claiming I think?

    So not the beginning of the race, as the article implies, and is of the so called ‘hard’ return leg, incidentally showing very little evidence of gusty wind induced tree movement?

    Thanks for putting me right.

    Se it’s definitely not his minute man being caught ‘four and a half minutes’ after the
    turn, for sure, also implied by the article.

    If so perhaps an explanation from the article writer please?

  • Stevie

    The video starts from a roundabout and the rider is wearing an aero helmet which can be seen from his shadow later on the video. also all the riders have never been sub 22 so a 15 minute second 5 isn’t out of the question. maybe they were just waiting to catch a glimpse of brad out on the course.

    Edit: The final 5 was also into a ‘gusty headwind’ as described by CW

  • poisonjunction

    Whats fishy about this video? It runs for 15 minutes but never gets to the turn ……..in a 10 mile TT race?

    Notice CW article NEVER claims it is a competitor riding ………just ‘a rider in front of’!

    Please explain CW , , did his minute man, reputedly with a camera fitted, want too much for his video, or didn’t it function properly and this is ‘back-up’?

  • Floating Voter

    no wind to hamper him in taking the hour record in the Olympic velodrome.

  • Crydda

    No thanks – far too complex for me. However, I don’t think the difficulties involved in putting on such an event should compromise riders safety.
    I guess it shows the difference in attitudes , in which Britain is still light years behind our continental friends. I’ve ridden sportives in Italy, France and the Czech Republic; all on closed roads. Local authorities are helpful, enthusiastic and delighted to help.

  • Crydda

    I agree – it’s looks like a horrible experience and judging by the behaviour of one or two drivers, positively dangerous. I don’t see why they couldn’t close the inside lane for an event like this.

  • Dan Cole

    The video does show how ridiculous it is “racing” on dual carriageways. Can’t ses this encouraging many new converts to time trials.

  • poisonjunction

    Will he save face and postpone his June ride?

  • vtchuck

    Start watching about 4:15 or so.