Female cyclist films a man pushing her into a busy London road in May: police release video in an attempt to trace the assailant

Metropolitan police are appealing for information after a female cyclist was pushed into the path of oncoming traffic by a male pedestrian in Whitechapel, London, on Friday, May 1.

The Met released a helmet cam video of the incident on Tuesday morning, shot by the woman as she was assaulted on Sidney Street just after 6pm.

The cyclist is seen riding along the street and asks the man to not cross the road in front of her, saying “please don’t try and knock me off”.

The man subsequently chases her down the street, swears at her, then says “you want to put your finger up at me, you mug. Come on” and then pushes her into the path of traffic. Police believe the man is in his 40s.

Police want to trace a man who assaulted a cyclist in Whitechapel in May

Police want to trace a man who assaulted a cyclist in Whitechapel in May

The cyclist managed to get up and off the road and, according to the police, escaped any serious injury although she was upset after the incident.

Police are now trying to identify and trace the man. Anyone with information can contact police by telephoning 101 quoting images 180410 or calling Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

This latest video is one of growing number shot by helmet-mounted cameras by cyclists that show them being assaulted or abused. At the beginning of August, a video emerged of a driver chasing a cyclist down a road after an altercation at a junction, before he took an untimely tumble. In June an irate driver was filmed threatening to break a cyclist’s neck in Richmond Park.

  • Zeus Smith

    looks to me like the cyclist started it

  • Mark Webster

    So you’re saying she deserved to be pushed into moving traffic! There is never justification for that in what is supposed to be a civilised society.

  • cecil11

    Looks suspicious. Like this woman has an axe to grind and is creating confrontations.

    Not clear that this woman is blameless. But the public will be quick to ignore it if this woman has responsibility for this incident too.

  • TechniColourCoatedKlingon

    IMO – That guy is a bit of a knob but I give him a tiny little bit of credit for eventually handing himself in after the video went viral.

    what he did is honestly inexcusable. No matter how bad your day is – to chase a cyclist half way down a street just to push them into traffic??? SMH.

    I commute into central london to work almost everyday, and you would be surprised to see how many people still try to cross the road when its a green light and traffic is moving. People with their head down checking out their bookfaces, twatters on their mobile phone and not watching where they are walking. I have honestly lost count of the amount of people who try to ‘casually stroll’ across a traffic light when its just turned green and vehicles have started to move. Pedestrians are a liability to themselves.

    Ive had people walk/step out or run across in front of me while i have right of way but i dont mouth off at them – I admit I occasionally deliberately cycle faster so it seems that i am charging at them and i pass them closely and those that do shout some expletives my way, I turn around come back and give them an earful about learning to become less of a danger to themselves and the rest of the public by learning to stop at traffic lights and only cross the road when its a green man and not step out into moving traffic. Usually they apologise after they realise what a tosser theyve been.

    Now im not elitist. we all have to share the road in one way or another and the best way to avoid accidents is by not putting ourselves in a position where we create a possible accident for other people. We all need to respect each other regardless if they are a pedestrian or cyclist.

    If you run across a busy road when you had no right of way, cause a cyclist to fall off his bike who then gets hit by an oncoming vehicle, would you not feel at all guilty that you were the one that caused him his injuries? In any case, if i was knocked over by someone running across the road when i had right of way, I am definitely taking them to court for compensation.

    People need to learn to respect the road, respect users of the road and above all respect each other.

  • RobTM

    you were right.. vid goes viral, assailant reports to police at lunchtime

  • The Awakening

    Two dots, with folders on a shelf picture,

    RE: “There’s the clear risk of endangering life, but ‘attempt’ means ‘intent’, and is assessed by a subjective standard, i.e. what was the actual intention of the particular individual at the time, not what was the probable or possible intention.”

    Very interesting, but what are you talking about?

  • ..

    There’s the clear risk of endangering life, but ‘attempt’ means ‘intent’, and is assessed by a subjective standard, i.e. what was the actual intention of the particular individual at the time, not what was the probable or possible intention.

  • ..

    The pedestrian only has right of way if both the traffic light and the pedestrian light are red. If the traffic light is green and the pedestrian light is red, then the pedestrian doesn’t have right of way.

    There is a ‘give way to people already in the lane’ principle which can apply but it doesn’t here.

    You may be confusing ‘right of way’ with ‘right not to be run over’. Don’t. Everyone has a right not to be run over – that doesn’t mean they have priority, i.e. right of way.

  • FPCyclist

    Right on, Stevie….looks like full contact cycling in London! For my part I don’t trust anyone these days when I’m riding. Walkers, cyclists, drivers, dog-walkers, the charming older couple drifting across the trail like it’s all their own….wow, so many close calls with all of them. I make mistakes when I ride, sure, and “Sorry, mate!” is the first thing I say. Too many others out there just do not pay attention to surroundings and do not heed warnings and rarely apologize. Regardless of fault in this vid….who hits a girl?

  • Neilo

    Because using public transport is so horrific and insanely expensive?

  • Neilo

    Anyway, swerving suddenly can be counterproductive, if the pedestrian jumps in the same direction.

  • Stevie

    I just cant see the draw to cycling in London. Nearly every video i seem to see on this site is of altercations between cyclist and other members of the public happens in London or surrounding areas. I live on the border of Yorkshire and Lancashire and the attitude towards cyclist seems to be much friendlier. Why is it so much different down south?

  • Loz

    If a pedestrian is on the road, they have right of way, even if the light is red for them.
    Doesn’t excuse his cowardly behaviour though. What a horrible little man.

  • RobTM

    This is busy city and trying to stop suddenly or maneuver unpredictably is risky, often there’s cyclists following each other or passing. The “cross walk” is just studs for a light controlled ped crossing, the ped has actually ignored the signal.
    Unfortunately it’s common for peds to be erratic and respond to cyclists who ring bell or say something like “Hello, please excuse me!” with surly abusive type responses. Some others do thank you, understanding the safety issues. There’s a real social issue, with ego not allowing some to accept prescence warnings.

    I think her actual mistake was getting distracted and stopping, rather than ride away fast when persued.

  • Neilo

    You can actually see the pedestrian lights are red as the cyclist passes them, and the fact that the car in front drove straight over the crossing would suggest they were red before the pedestrian started to cross. So it doesn’t look as though he had right of way.

  • OperaSmorg

    Seems to me at the first encounter she asked him to “Please don’t try and knock me off.” If she put up her hand off-the-camera, I doubt that it was the finger. More probably just a raised hand to tell him to stop (or not cross in front of her).

    Being someone who commute exclusively by bicycle these days, I’d have preferred she stopped and yield to pedestrian crossing in the crosswalk, but different cyclists come with different bike-handling ability (or maybe she had been riding a long while and was tired and didn’t want an extra stop and accelerate if she could avoid it)… She did ask nicely, so I don’t know what his problem is. 😛

    And even if she had been much more rude, that still wouldn’t justify his chasing and then intentional assault (almost attempted murder, considering that he pushed her into the road knowing full well she might get hit and killed by a car for it).

  • Tallan

    Looking at the road it looks like a pedestrian crossing he was on, so may well have been his right of way. Doesn’t justify shoving someone off of a bike but if someone is already crossing a road, and instead of stopping you plow right in front of them you are hardly a saint in that situation.

  • Geno

    Why’s it taken the police nearly 4 months to release this? Obviously they don’t see this kind of assault as a priority. After all, it’s only a cyclist.

  • The Awakening

    This man will be eventually be found. One can be certain of that. It is only a matter of time…

    The video clip is shocking. There is an assault, with the clear attempt to endanger life. The intention to do harm, can be seen in the contorted face of the angry man.

  • Richard

    What an ugly son of a gun

  • Neilo

    Impossible to tell, since it’s not clear what happened. It all looks completely harmless to me until the bloke materialises from nowhere at the end. Anyway, at the beginning, assuming it is the man crossing the road she is talking to, and she had right of way, and he deliberately walked right at her in an intimidating manner, then the “accusation” would be pretty reasonable. And even it weren’t, so what?

  • Nicholas Shannon

    Why oh why can’t I be riding behind someone when this happens. I’d have beat him down so hard if I’d have seen that

  • Elliot Morgan

    he needs to ctfu; probably that morning coffee had his head erratic. scum.

  • cosmo smalls

    Didnt she accuse him of something he had no intention of doing and flick him the bird?

  • Bob Smith

    what a scum bag…your time is running out!