Road race world champ Peter Sagan gives Francesco Chicchi a hand on a windy climb during the Tour de San Luis


It’s not often that you see a world champion giving a rival a helping hand: but this is Peter Sagan.

The road race world champion gave a fellow rider a helpful hand as they were struggling up an extremely windy climb during the 2016 Tour de San Luis last week.

In a video posted by Sagan (Tinkoff) on his Facebook page, and shot by a roadside spectator, you can see the riders grinding up a mountain road into a brutal headwind.

Several fans also assist the riders by giving them a shove, as several riders appear to be struggling to stay upright let alone maintain enough momentum to finish the stage.

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Then we see Sagan in among a small group, easily distinguishable by his rainbow bands. He gives a friendly shove to Italian Francesco Chicchi of the Androni Giocattoli team.

Sagan finished the Tour de San Luis in 98th place, 44 minutes behind overall winner Dayer Quintana (Movistar). He finished second on stage two and fourth on stage seven.

The 26-year-old Slovak is aiming to claim a major victory during this season’s classics. He’s also aiming for the Olympic Games road race in in August, and travelled to Rio de Janeiro to recon the route after taking part in the Tour de San Luis.

  • ummm…

    i was just trolling. but to be serious i think froome and sagan are fantastic, although i like sagan much more. froome for me is a troubling character and I hope he is riding clean. im not sure in convinced by any rider data as these can be manipulated and interpreted differently. plus you have problems at sky with their former doctors or DS’s and the over use of certain painkillers that were not on the ban list. When it comes to sagan, he is more of a one day racer and i think there is a case to be made that PEDs may be slightly less useful for such a rider. i could be wrong. but i should be clear, even tho i dont trust ANY pro athlete or sport when they say they dont use, im not offended by froome but only by the protestations and fake dramatics that the industry manages to turn into page clicks instead of genuine action. if sports just decided to say yes we dope, or no and we will take away your license for life then id be a happier man. until then ill be a cynical and dyspeptic fan.

  • Andrew Bairsto

    Tend to agree

  • Jay

    I support Froomy as well, especially when he voluntarily revealed his ride data to try and get rid of speculation abt him doping (whether Sir David has any influence is another matter). But can’t compare the two riders with very different talents.

  • ummm…

    yeah jay. we dont want to hear it. we all pray to the froome god here even tho peter sagan is the best thing to happen to the sport in years.

  • Norfolk_n_Chance

    Jay…. shut up!

  • Norfolk_n_Chance

    Oi Nigel Wynn NO (again)!!! Francesco Chicchi in his bl**dy way and he’s pushing the bugger forward out of the way. I mean…. have you ridden a pushy before?
    Right I’ve had enough… I’m writing to Watchdog.

  • Jay

    It’s that comraderie spirit I really admire him about. He should be the sports ambassador.