Spectator drags bike off road moments before the GP de Fourmies peloton reaches the same spot, preventing a mass crash

Lightning reactions by a well-placed spectator at the GP de Fourmies in France on Sunday undoubtedly prevented a mass crash in the peloton.

After a group of riders in front of the peloton crashed, a bike was left in the road – directly in the path of the rapidly approaching peloton, who were winding up the pace with just 1.5 kilometres to go.

Spectator drags bike from road during GP Fourmies

Spectator drags a bike from the road during GP de Fourmies

In footage posted online by Eurosport France’s Leunis Jacques, you can clearly see the spectator quickly running into the road and dragging the bike.

The spectator’s effort makes them tumble backwards into the verge, with the bike safely off the road, literally moments before the bunch arrives.

The 205km, UCI 1.HC-ranked race was won by Fabio Felline of Trek Factory Racing ahead of Tom Boonen of Etixx-QuickStep in second and Nacer Bouhanni of Cofidis in third.

  • NitroFan

    Well done saved a lot of pain and missed the action for his trouble! A free VIP pass in order I think.

  • Will Ward

    fair dooze geezer, I would be gutted cycling all that way to come off and be out of the race!!

  • Darren Barratt

    Good move, although if he’d been 2 second later, he’d have been squished!

  • Paul Warner

    Whoops so much road racing on at the mo!

  • J1

    No, Cav was at a proper race yesterday, the Tour of Britain.

  • Paul Warner

    Mark Cavendish came second not Tom Boonen

  • Red Ben

    haha he may stole it instead, and by the way the peloton was avoiding the bike, there’s no mass crash was going to be

  • TrevorHoldsworth

    Quick thinking – bravo!

  • Burt Fleming

    Good on him! Go figure, a spectator helps all the riders where the moto’s are running over and injuring them…

  • that Nick guy


  • George Wadsworth

    Well that’s one way to get a new bike I guess..

  • Namothy

    UCI should do something for the guy (if identified). Signature bike or something. He could have got mangled himself there, very brave.

  • mattsnow81 .

    Great move 🙂