Spanish cyclist Agustin Navarro chose not to overtake another racer who was jogging to the line after a puncture in a cyclo-cross race

Cycling has its fair share of good guys, from the people who stop to help you fix a dropped chain on your weekend ride to the professionals who halt the pace if the race leader suffers a mechanical.

So imagine you are in a race and a rider up the road cruelly suffers a puncture a few hundred metres from the line – would you coast past them as they struggle their way to the line?

Spanish cyclist Agustin Navarro is receiving a lot of good attention on the Internet at the moment for doing exactly the opposite in a cyclo-cross race in Cantabria as Ismael Esteban ran to the line in an attempt to claim third place.

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Esteban suffered the puncture with 300m to go in the race, forcing him to carry his bike on his shoulder as he jogged the final metres. Navarro soon caught him up, but instead of speeding past, the 37-year-old coasted in behind Esteban, allowing him to pick up the bronze medal.

The medalist then reportedly tried to give Navarro his bronze medal, but he refused the offer, claiming the medal was worth more than his act of kindness.

  • Major Sceptic

    Great to see some real sportsmanship, I hope someone buys this bloke a beer.

  • Craig Maxwell

    good on both of these CYCLISTS, and I do mean CYCLISTS in all caps This is why I ride. True camaraderie in the fullest sense. Transcendent moments like these should get every bit as much coverage, if not more, than the boorish, selfish acts of people who ride bikes under the guise of accomplishment and will never understand or appreciate the simple act of pedaling, suffering and sharing the cycling experience. Thanks for posting this for everyone to see.

  • ummm…

    that was cyclocross? Oh lol, didn’t know. But, makes sense.

  • tksb

    Whether it’s well known or not, this is the way of the bicycle. All those who follow understand.

  • Tom Sharp

    Cyclocross, they are supposed to run!

  • Pedro Nogo

    no doubt the UCI will soon ban him for not attempting to race or some such balderdash… 😉

  • ummm…

    this is nice. but, was he running in those cleats? Not safe.

  • ummm…

    naive because you lost belief in humanity…….?

  • Ron Fohran

    This is why I still believe in humanity!
    Of course I am naïve…

  • You see, there are some guys left in the world.