Mathieu van der Poel, cyclocross world champion in 2015, slips into a river when trying to cross it by riding across a fallen tree


Being a former cyclocross world champion doesn’t mean Mathieu van der Poel is infallible when it comes to off-road riding.

Heading out on the CX bike this week in London, the Dutch world champion from 2015 tried to cross a stream by rolling along an old fallen tree.

Thankfully for us, one of his ride partners was filming his effort, which started so well. Van der Poel got the whole bike on the muddy log before the back wheel slipped out.

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Much to the amusement of his friends the 21-year-old son of Grand Tour winner Raymond Poulidor landed on his arse before slipping into the water, having to drag his bike out.

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Importantly Van der Poel got out on the same side of the lake that he fell in, showing the kind of resilience required to win a world championship.

“If you never try, you’ll never know,” he wrote on Twitter afterwards.

Van der Poel was on an urban cyclocross tour of London at the time, falling in the water at Dyrham Park Country Club near Barnet.

  • Stevo

    And since when had CW been using words like “a**e”? Is that kind of language necessary?

  • ryder_jin

    Hate to add on to the corrections, but that’s clearly not a CX bike; that’s a hard tail mountain bike.

  • Stevo

    I think the title is misleading too. He’s not a world champion but a former world champion, I reckon.

  • James Cooper

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Mathieu van der Poel the grandson of Raymond Poulidor rather than his son – the clues may just be in the in the surnames?

    My understanding is that Mathieu is the son of Adrie van der Poel who married Raymond Poulidor’s daughter.

    Usual CW attention to detail.

  • noob_sauce

    I think you got his dad wrong