You share your most cringe-worthy cycling incidents

We’ve all done something while cycling that we’d rather no-one saw – fail to unclip a pedal at a busy junction or wear a piece of clothing the wrong way around.

We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers what they’re most embarrassing on-bike experience was, and this is what they said…

Have you done something embarrassing on your bike? Tell us in the comments section below. If you dare.

Wore my bib-shorts inside out on a long commute to work. Looked like an extra from a Cameo video.
Ian Brazier

I got caught by a local singing and dancing to ABBA while cycling on what I thought was an empty road. Note to self: don’t get carried away with a good playlist while enjoying a good cycle.
Bethan Credicott

End of my first club run, coming into town I had dropped to the back after a long pull at the front. Got gapped slightly as we went round a bend and a pedestrian stepped out in front of me. Tried to avoid them, bike went from under me and slid through a crowd of pedestrians knocking over a policeman and coming to rest against a coffee shop window. As I stood up I realised that the slide had removed a lot of my shorts and all the Sunday shoppers in the coffee shop were given a free show of a semi-bare-arsed cyclist being spoken to by a copper!
Graham Ide

Forgetting I was on my mountain bike and reaching for the drops. You can imagine the rest.
Caroline Brown

Asked a man “All right? Do you need a hand?” as he’d stopped at the roadside. Got round the corner before I realised he’d stopped for a wee; just glad he didn’t take me up on the offer.
Claire Rabbitt

Cycled passed a wake. Dressed in a Northwave skeleton top.
Matthew Cann

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Leaving a bike shop having just had SPDs fitted and new cycling shoes. I was so chuffed with the new kit that I didn’t realise that my helmet was on back to front.
Laertes Godwin

Riding a canal towpath in the Midlands, I wanted to impress my mates with a ‘dismount while moving’. I hopped off my bike, missed the grass verge, and did a nice feet-first dive into the canal up to my waist, still holding the bike.
Christopher Clarke

I was caught taking a natural break by the police in the middle of nowhere!
Bri Murray

John Friend

Spent 10 kilometres wondering why pedalling with my new chain was such hard work. I hadn’t threaded it through the derailleur properly and it had been running over a metal guide.
David Williams

First time out with cleats, I couldn’t unclip at traffic lights. Fell over onto my hand and the chain came off. Put the chain back on, set off again and did the same thing at the next lights onto the same hand. Broke the scaphoid bone in my wrist and just had the cast taken off after six weeks. Ready to go again!
Andy Stillings

Cycling along with a baseball cap on, head bowed against the rain. Kept looking up, very frequently I add, to check the road, saw a car quite a way in front. Next thing… bang! Had ridden straight into the back of said parked car and not only buckled my wheel, but managed to bend the frame too! Learned a vital lesson that day.
Anna Long

At the ripe age of 56 last summer my childhood kicked back in. I bought a GT road bike after not riding in years I did 10 miles, but unknown to me, my legs were like lead weights and I couldn’t get off the bike… So I fell off on to the road by the bus stop where a crowd was waiting.
Carole Lawrence

Farted quite loudly – only to find I had a wheelsucker behind me. It was a windy day so didn’t hear them until they got a mouth full of my gas. Poetic justice, really.
Chris Stephens

I was out training for a time trial in a skinsuit, aero over-boots, etc and bumped into an old friend on his way to the pub with his mates. Not sure if i was over-dressed or under-dressed.
Phil Northcott

Slipped and fell off of my bike into a ford. Half of me was dry, half was soaking wet!
Chris Lock

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  • aff4366

    erection during climb.


  • Andrew Wilson

    While slowly following my son through a narrow ginnel with hedges on either side he stopped right in front of me. I didn’t have chance to unclip properly or set a trackstand up so gently toppled side ways and went through the hedge into a garden. I’d have gotten away with it if the family who lived there weren’t having a large barbecue party at the time. I think it cheered them up no end.

  • David Ritchie

    Followed a cycle lane through Croydon town centre which took me straight onto the tram tracks. The resulting crash was right in front of a tram stop full of people. still have the long sleave jersey with the hole stitched up

  • Jim

    Riding my bike home after a few cocktails and was looking down for what must have been a tenth of a mile when I ran into the back of a parked car, flew over the handlebars and found myself laying on the trunk of the car at 2 a.m.


    Dropped a chain going up a near vertical hill. Weight went all wobbly and i had the slowest fall known to man. About 50 Spanish students were there to witness it and my ensuing hissy fit. I woulda laughed at me.

  • Brad

    Screamed/sang a couple lines of Steve Perry’s “Oh Sherrie” to amuse a friend. Didn’t realize that there were people canoeing in the creek next to us. They visibly started laughing as I sand “I SHOULDA BEEN GONE!”

  • Crispy

    Back in my cycle courier days I was riding along south of the river near Blackfriars, no hands on the bars, looking through my bag for where the next job was going. Next thing I knew a pigeon landed right in front of me causing a serious wobble as I attempted to avoid it, stepped off the bike straight into a lampost. Still have the scar on my inner thigh to remind me of that day!