HTC-Highroad or Team Sky? Mark Cavendish has decided his destination for 2012, even if he is unwilling it to reveal whether he’s staying or going.

“I’ve decided, I decided on Saturday,” Cavendish told BBC Radio 5 Live this morning. “I’m 100% behind my decision, you know when something is right.”

Money and nationality irrelevant

Beforehand, the Tour de France green jersey winner batted away questions that hinted national sympathies would link him to Team Sky.

“At the end of the day, I’m in a lucky position,” he said. “I don’t need to get on a team because of my nationality, it’s irrelevant.”

“It’s not about the money. I have a value, I’ll get the same money whichever team I’ll go to go. I want to go the best place that will help me win –

that might be the same team I’m at now, I can’t say.”

As things stand, Cavendish’s HTC-Highroad team remains without a primary backer for 2012, and the Manxman is also out of contract.

There have been recent reports in the German media that HTC-Highroad team owner Bob

Stapleton is close to finding a new, monnied backer to take over his


However, Cavendish has long been linked to Team Sky. The Daily Mail reported in June that Cavendish would be joining the British squad.

Presenter Anita Anand did her best to coax the answer out of the Manxman, asking several times which team he would be riding for. Although the transfer season officially opened yesterday (August 1), Cavendish wasn’t giving away anything.

“How do you know I’m going to join another team?” he teased. “My decision will be made public in a few weeks time.”

Cav does the media circuit

After a week combining family time and post-Tour criteriums, Cavendish was

doing the rounds with respective media this morning, also appearing

on the BBC Breakfast show and the Today programme.

When asked about his “falling out” with Bradley Wiggins back at Athens 2008,

Cavendish was complimentary. “We didn’t speak for a while, but then

there’s still guys from that Olympic team I haven’t talked to.”

“Me and Brad are like brothers, we fall out sometimes – he just [recently] sent me a message asking how I was.”

Questioned whether he was currently Britain’s best sportsman, he replied: “It’s not

for me to decide, I’m not in it for that. I just want to ride my bike.”

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  • Mark Jones

    It would be very disappointing if Cav were to join Sky and will limit the chances of Ben Swift who is improving all the time. We are likely to end up with fewer and fewer Brits at the Tour de France if they continue to take the best Brits from other teams and I don’t feel it is good for British Cycling but only time will tell. What chance will the likes of Kennaugh and Dowsett have if Sky sign the best British rider who could get a place in a choice of top teams. I really hope he has signed for another team.

  • Simon Taylor

    Cav should stay at HTC , as there is only lampre and Quickstep that have a good leadout train ,
    That he can mold to !!! HTC have always been the best as since they started as telecom back in the late 80’s it has been a sprinter team , with a few exceptions , Its a big thing for sky but ,sky would just cloud the other riders for there hard work and would make other riders feel that they are just wallpaper if cav joined??
    Plus cav is good for the sport that he doesnt have to come and ride for a GB team and choose a sprinting team either the Take the high road HTC or go to quickstep or Liquigas or Lampre.

  • Douglas Williams

    If HTC find a new sponsor, he will surely be staying there. If he moves to Sky, it will be difficult for them to resolve the conflict between supporting a sprinter and a GC contendor.

  • katie

    Nice One CAV regarding his statement regarding being Britains best sportsman, pity some f the overblown and overpaid footballers don’t have the same reason for playing football