Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) president Pat McQuaid has denied that the Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC) has sent his organisation documentation from the Contador case in order to produce a joint verdict.

“As of Friday, when I left the UCI offices, we had received nothing from the Spanish Federation about Contador,” McQuaid told Cycling Weekly on Sunday.

“We have had no contact with them over this case.”

McQuaid’s comments cast serious doubt over a report in El País newspaper in Spain on Sunday that the Spanish Federation had sent documentation to World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the UCI and the Spanish Anti-Doping Agency in a bid to obtain a joint verdict on Contador’s case.

The report, citing anonymous sources inside the RFEC, even went so far as to claim that the UCI had responded positively to the initiative and would be delivering a verdict by January 23. The idea, according to El País, was to speed up the process, cut out any appeals by the UCI and/or WADA to CAS, and simultaneously ‘share the blame’ for any verdict.

However, McQuaid’s comments would appear to put everything back to its default position – in other words, with an RFEC verdict on the Contador case expected in early February, followed by almost certain appeals to CAS by either Contador or the UCI and WADA should the suspension not be to their satisfaction.

When contacted by Cycling Weekly on Sunday, Spanish Cycling Federation president Juan Carlos Castaño refused to comment on the report, saying that any work by his Federation’s Disciplinary Commission, which was handling the case, was confidential.

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  • Jon

    Out of curiosity I googled “UCI McQuaid” and was amused to see the first proper result (Wikipedia) shows the most pertinent snippet of text from the page:

    “UCI president McQuaid… is a laughing stock who is happy to shake athletes’ hands and give them medals … in the fight against doping he is lacking …”

  • theswordsman

    UCI spokesman Enrico Carpani spoke to Tuttobiciweb t clarify. He said the documents were received from the RFEC asking for an opinion from the UCI & WADA. He said the UCI would respond by January 24 (just as El Pais stated). Juan Carlos Castano told the same story to AS. So how did all of that happen without McQuaid knowing about it? And if he attended the Leopard-Trek presentation at 8:00 PM Thursday in Luxembourg City (I saw him on the video), and that’s a long drive from Aigle, when would he have been at the office Friday to ask? Anyway, the UCI spokesman agrees that the documentation & request were received and the deadline was agreed to.

  • adam


    Well, it starts with W and sounds like worker…

  • theswordsman

    It is impressive, though, that he was at the Leopard-Trek Presentation in Luxembourg Thursday night and still made it into the office Friday, even though he had more travel for the weekend. The guy is a worker

  • theswordsman

    Sorry, believing McQuaid’s version of anything isn’t my default position. I saw the El Pais story the minute it hit Google News, but it was only the second site with the story. Diario Cordoba had it first. And when someone spoke to Contador Sunday, he said that his people gave the UCI copies of his whole defense at the same time they turned things over to the Competition Committee, so they’ve had since November to look at it. The request last week could have been an e-mail or letter. We’ll see, but I’m rooting against the UCI this week, especially since Pellizotti has them on deadline. McQuaid’s the one who told the German press there was no positive, & said everything would be settled in house, & said the UCI & WADA only needed 10 days. Why believe him now?