Trek has launched the 2018 Trek Émonda, claiming it to be the lightest bike that it has ever produced

The new Trek Émonda is here, and it comes with some pretty sizeable claims.

For starters, Trek claims to have shaved weight from the previously featherweight bike. To be precise, the American company claims to have taken 50g out of the last Émonda model. Perhaps more impressively, the brand new disc brake specific model has managed to take 25g out of the last bike.

The addition of disc brakes is the second big revolution of the Trek Émonda series. Trek believes that the addition of the more powerful stoppers take the the series beyond that of a race bike.

To back this up, Trek has also increased the tyre clearance to 28mm in support of the increased modulation and stopping power on offer from the discs.

Trek goes as far as to claim that the new brakes open up the world of gravel and adventure riding to Émonda riders – certainly not something most companies claim about its pro level race bikes.

There has also been an increase in stiffness across the board from the previous model, that includes the frame, head tube, bottom bracket and torsional stiffness.

Trek says this possible thanks to its OCLV Carbon layup. This isn’t a new technology for the company, but it claims it was tested inside out by its pro riders.

Interestingly, outside of its disc brake models, Trek has specced its bikes with its own brand, in house rim brakes. Called Bontrager Speed Pro brakes.

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The company claims these are direct mount, fully tuneable and also light weight, coming in at a skimpy 95g thanks to their hollow arms and Titanium build. Tyre clearance has also been increased thanks to the new brakes.

In terms of computer technology, Trek has centralised it all into its cockpit. Accordingly to the company, “Blendr Integration” seamlessly mounts Bontrager’s computer, Ion lights or even Garmin computers directly to the handlebars.

The new Émonda is available through the Trek Project One scheme. The top end Trek Émonda SLR 9 H2 comes in at £8500.

Trek Émonda SLR weights and technical specs:

  • Émonda SLR frame = 640g
  • Émonda SLR disc frame = 665g
  • Émonda SLR fork = 313g
  • Émonda SLR disc for = 350g
  •  28c tyre clearance
  • H1 and H2 fit possible

Trek Émonda SL weights and technical specs:

  • 500 series OCLV carbon
  • Trek SL frame = 1019g
  • Trek SL disc frame = 1149g
  • Trek SL fork = 313g
  • Trek SL disc fork = 350g
  • Émonda SL 5 (women’s model) fork = 436g
  • 28c tyre clearance
  • H2 fit
  • Women’s model available as Émonda SL 5