Amazon Prime Day takes place on Tuesday July 11 - and we've got a heads up on the best deals for cyclists and will be drip feeding them out from Monday July 10

Amazon Prime Day is a flash sale taking place online. Like Black Friday, it lasts more than a day: a few deals have been announced already, but most will appear between 6pm BST Monday July 10 and close of play on Tuesday July 11.

Each item is announced in advanced, before the piece is released for a limited time only – with a handy count down clock so you know exactly how long you’ve got to swipe it up.

The day is designed to draw attention to the benefits of having an Amazon Prime membership, and unfortunately, you do need to be a member of the special club to benefit from the deals.

Don’t worry, though, as Amazon is still running its free Amazon Prime 30-day-trial so you can still sign up and benefit from the discounts.

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Amazon Prime Day cycling deals: the best deals

Deals will be removed and added constantly – here’s a look at what’s available now (at time of writing..), and what’s to come. We’ll be updating this page constantly, so bookmark it and come back if you’re deal hunting…

GoPro Hero5 Session action camera £381 £244

If you’re looking for an action camera, then there’s a deal for you here.

The GoPro Hero5 Session Action Camera is a compact model that captures 4k video and 10MP pictures in Single, Burst or Time Lapse modes. GoPro has kept the design simple, with a one-button design and voice control and the waterproof camera offers image stabalisation.

The Amazon Prime Day deal is specifically on the travel bundle (with case, floating grip and headstrap) that’s reduced to £244.99 – that’s a 36% saving on the RRP of £381.05 and a saving of £136.06.

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Muc-Off Dry Chain Lube 120ml

If you’ve not got a pot of dry chain lube in your cupboard, it’s well worth getting one, especially now we’re into summer. Unlike wet lube, dry lube doesn’t pic up nearly as much dirt and grit from the roads so it’s the perfect choice when it’s dry in the summer.

>>> See the deal on Muc-Off Dry Chain Lube here

Muc-Off Bike Cleaner 1L/5L/25L

Muc-Off’s stuff is some of the best bike cleaner around, so the fact its now in the sale is a reason to rejoice. Amazon are currently selling it in 1L, 5L and, if you’re a fan of value, 25L tubs. Bargain.

It’s currently £23.85 on Amazon, but that will drop when Amazon release the official price in the next few minutes.

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Muc-Off Chamois Cream

Treat you, and your rear end to some chammy cream. Trust us, it’ll help keep you in the saddle on those long, long days.

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Up to 20% off on Gore Bike Wear

Gore Bike Wear make some high quality cycling kit designed to keep riders comfortable all year round. There’s deals across the range, particularly on items like soft shell jackets and windstoppers.

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BTR Waterproof High Visibility Backpack Cover

BTR Waterproof High Visibility Backpack Cover

BTR Waterproof High Visibility Backpack Cover

Keep dry and bright on your commute with this BTR cover – it’s waterproof and comes in a high-vis yellow- orange, black with reflective trim or fully reflective silver.

A pull cord keeps it well locked to the bag when in use and it can fold into an outer mesh pocket the rest of the time.

The RRP is £14.99, but it’s down to £10 until the offer ends at around 8pm.

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Fitbit Flex 2 fitness wristband on Deal of the Day £79 £39

The untrained eye might see the Fitbit Flex 2 as being £55.65 (down from £79.99) – but click on the ‘deal of the day’ option and it’s £37.79.

The Fitbit Flex 2 fitness wristband is more dedicated to everyday use, but still has its cycling uses thanks to its SmartTrack technology.

Fitbit finally introduced SmartTrack technology to some of its trackers, including the Flex, meaning you no longer have to manually input your cycle training in the Fitbit site. Instead, it now knows when you start an activity and can log it.

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Over a third off men’s cycling kits

Inbike Men's Cycling Jerseys Set f

Inbike Men’s Cycling Jerseys Set

Cycling kit that works with you on the bike makes a big difference, and there are a few pieces on offer that could keep you well dressed for a while. The Inbike jersey is made from 100% fast drying polyester, with a mesh fabric that contains tiny pinprick holes for breathability.

The shorts feature a 3D pad to keep you comfortable on the saddle and both items have anti-slip treatment on the hems.

Prices vary depending upon colour and size, but the medium yellow and black gear will set you back £28.79 and the others are all reduced, too.

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36% off hydration tablets

ORS Hydration tablets

ORS Hydration tablets

It’s important to stay hydrated on the bike – and with the hot weather we’ve had lately, even the un-sweatiest of riders will be losing fluid.Hydration tablets keep your electrolyte levels topped up, and these ones from ORS also contain glucose for additional energy.

The offer is on the blackcurrant flavour, and Prime members get 6 tubes for £26.95 until 12pm (RRP: £41.94).

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If it’s not up your street, there are plenty more nutrition offers now and coming – check ’em out here. 

Kärcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer £249 £134

Kärcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer

Kärcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer

Defiantly an item to ‘use with care’ when it comes to bike washing, but though not always recommended – a lot of people still choose a pressure washer. If you’re one of them – this is a deal to consider.

The stand alone unit is on a ‘deal of the day’ offer, but you can choose to purchase it with a bike and car cleaning set, that features some soft brushes.

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Kinetic Road Machine Smart Bike Trainer

If a smart turbo trainer is on your list, then sit tight for a reduction on the Kinetic Road Machine Smart Bike Trainer – that has an RRP of £415 but is down to £252.86, until the offer ends.

This unit still uses a fluid resistance system, but combines with sensors to provide an app-based power training experience.

Wahoo Fitness Blue SC Speed and Cadence Sensor

Wahoo Fitness Blue SC Speed and Cadence Sensor Amazon Prime Day member's deal

Wahoo Fitness Blue SC Speed and Cadence Sensor Amazon Prime Day member’s deal

More data means more effective tracking of your fitness levels – and the Wahoo sensor can help you collect even more.

The sensor tracks speed and cadence, linking up to your iPhone, Android and/or bike computer via Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+. You can also use it when training indoors via Zwift or Trainer Road.

The unit uses a CR2032 battery, and mounts using rubber bands or zip ties, to any chainstay. A magnet is attached to one of your spokes, with every revolution tracked when the two connect.

It’s already reduced from £49.99 to £39.99, but the Amazon Prime Day price is £34.99 – representing a saving of 30% – the offer lasts til about 1pm.

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Muc-Off Wet Lube

Muc Off Wet Lube Amazon Prime member deals

Muc Off Wet Lube Amazon Prime member deals

No cyclist’s home is complete without a bottle of quality bike lube.

It’s important to apply a thin layer to your chain after you’ve cleaned your  bike – this will repel water and cut down the risk of rust developing, and will help to offer smoother shifting as well as reducing any watts lost through inefficiency.

Muc-Off’s is fully bio-degradable and promises to provide a durable defence against corrosion. The deal is on the wet lube, which is already reduced from £7 to £4.48.

However, for the special Amazon Prime Day price slashes the price further, to £3.58 (that’s 49%) but only until 1pm. 

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APEMAN Sports Action Camera 

APEMAN Sports Action Camera Amazon Prime day member only deal

APEMAN Sports Action Camera Amazon Prime day member only deal

Action cameras are becoming more and more popular, with cyclists using them to record their adventures and create short videos. They also make handy companions for commuters as an insurance back up in-case of an incident.

This version comes with a helmet adaptor base in the box, is fully waterproof and comes with a 1080P HD 12MP camera with 170 degree wide-angle lens.

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You can shoot video as well as capture images and the camera can run for 120 minutes after a full three hour charge and supports a micro SD card up to 32GB. 

The camera is already reduced from £59.99 to £33.99. However, it’ll be available at a special deal to Amazon Prime members on Tuesday July 11 from around 6pm on Tuesday July 11.

>>> See the deal on the Apeman action camera here

 Science in Sport Go Isotonic Energy Gel Selection Box

Science in Sport Go Isotonic Energy Gel Selection Box Amazon Prime deals

Science in Sport Go Isotonic Energy Gel Selection Box Amazon Prime deals

Keeping your energy levels topped up is important, and SIS has created this selection box of 20 in five different flavours.

The SIS Go Isotonic gels are designed to be consumed without water, providing a 60g hit of carbohydrate as well as fluid and electrolytes in a quick and easy package.

The box is already reduced from £28 to £15.38 – but there will be a special deal at around 8.20am on Tuesday July 11 for Amazon Prime Members.

>>> See the SIS deal here

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Top tips for getting the best Amazon Prime Day cycling deals

Do your research to get the best deals

Browsing Amazon for deals is always a bit of a trial – and it might well be even harder on Amazon Prime Day. Here’s our tips to help you navigate the sales…

Join Amazon Prime for free right now

That’s right, the only way to benefit from these deals is to sign up to Prime membership. But it’s ok, because Amazon is still running its free Amazon Prime 30-day-trial which will still get you all the discounts from Amazon Prime Day.

Bookmark THIS PAGE

Deals will be released every five minutes, and it could all get just a little bit confusing. On this page, we’ll highlight the very best deals. We’ll have an advanced warning – leaving us plenty of time to pick out the best offers.

Write a shopping list

Put pen to paper so that you’re clear on what you actually need before the big day. Don’t be too specific – because you can’t guarantee what’s going to be on offer – but ‘helmet camera’ or ‘gps cycling computer with maps’ will help you to avoid the temptation of splashing out on an extra bike bag that you don’t need.

Set yourself a budget

It’s easy to overspend when there are big deals on offer, so start your shopping with a clear idea of your max spend. You should also be sure to check returns policies are not affected by the sales.

Bear in mind the price difference when reading reviews

We’ve got hundreds of reviews on our site, and they’re designed to help you decide if a product is right for you.

However, all items are reviewed with the RRP – or price at time of writing – in mind. Therefore, remember when reading that comments about value  for money need to be taken with a pinch of salt if you’re not looking at the same item with 50 per cent off.

Comments on everything else: effectiveness, usability, quality, longevity, of course still stand.

Free Amazon Prime membership trial

Sadly, the deals are only available to those who have Prime membership, but you can get a free Amazon Prime 30-day-trial here. 

Having a membership costs £79 a year – but it gets you fast and free same day delivery on a massive range of products, as well as access to free music, TV and film.

There are other perks, like the ‘Kindle owners’ lending library’ – where you can borrow books for free, unlimited photo storage in the ‘Amazon Cloud Drive’, and access to the ‘Prime Pantry’ for easy grocery ordering in one place.

Extra Amazon Prime deals

As well as the upcoming deals, and offer on Amazon Prime, the online giant is offering savings on ‘Amazon Music Unlimited’ – namely four months of membership for £0.99. Like Spotify, the service allows you to stream any music you like – which is pretty handy for those long winter turbo sessions we all know will arrive eventually.

Until July, Prime members will also have the chance to win £100,000 in cash by streaming Amazon Video via a Fire TV, Fire TV Stick or the Amazon App on a games console.

Prime members can also enjoy up to 25 per cent off at Prime Pantry from July 3 to August 6. Prime Pantry stocks a wide range of edible delicacies from major brands – ideal for time and energy starved cyclists. Finally, members can save up to 40 per cent on a Kindle Unlimited membership.