Great turbo trainer deals from the major internet retailers

Ok, so it might not seem like the season to be getting a turbo trainer, but when they’re as discounted as these, why would you not get involved?

Besides, training does just stop when the weather gets better and a turbo can often help you get into shape faster than just riding on the road.

Now is still the time to grab yourself a total bargain.

Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer £399 £299


Smart trainers allows turbo training to become that bit more interesting. The Vortex hooks up to your mobile or tablet (just download the Tacx app) and from there it’s compatible with Zwift, BKOOL and many other virtual training tools.

It’s pretty cool really, you can ride races, compete with others and ride your favourite climbs – all from the comfort of your living room.

Buy now: Tacx Vortex smart trainer at Evans Cycles for £299

Cycleops Magneto trainer £239.99 £141.54

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The CycleOps Magneto trainer is a pretty brainy piece of kit. As you increase your pedal rotation it increases the resistance so that your speed and effort follow each other in a natural order.

Buy now: Cycleops Magneto trainer at Evans Cycles for £141.54

Elite SuperChrono Mag Force bundle £224.99 £109.99

This Elite SuperChrono Mag Force bundle is everything you need to get going in the world of turbo training.

In it you get the trainer itself, the front wheel stand, sweat catcher and a water bottle to boot. It’s a good trainer, too, with 5 points of resistance which should cover most training requirements.

Buy now: Elite SuperChrono Mag Force bundle at Chain Reaction Cycles for £109.99

Tacx Neo Direct Drive Smart Trainer £1199 £964

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If you want to go big bucks, then the Tacx Neo Direct Drive Smart Trainer is definitely the trainer to opt for.

It also happens to be the world’s first true direct drive trainer as it totally lacks any transmission, which means it won’t wear out and it’s dead quiet. Chuck in additional ‘road feel’ and this is one heck of a trainer.

Buy now: Tacx Neo Direct Drive Smart Trainer at Chain Reaction Cycles for £964

Tacx Blue Twist trainer £109 £86.99


Buy now: Tacx Blue Twist trainer at Evans Cycles for £86.99

The Tacx Blue Twist trainer might be basic compared to the Neo but it won’t break the bank. It’s straightforward to set up and has a 700w resistance so it’ll definitely get you fit.