The best deals on quality Italian kit that the internet has to offer right now

Seeing the little scorpion logo of Castelli on a piece of clothing is usually a sign of some high quality kit, but unfortunately that usually means that it comes with a high price tag too.

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Happily, the big internet retailers often offer some pretty hefty discounts, making the best kit become that bit more affordable.

Castelli women’s Sorpasso tights £115 £49

Using Castelli’s Thermoflex material the Sorpasso tights are insulating, making them the perfect choice for winter riding.

Granted, you won’t wear them for a couple of months, but it’s good to be able to store them away, especially when they’re on such a big discount!

Buy now: Castelli women’s Sorpasso tights at Chain Reaction Cycles for £49

Castelli Riparo rain jacket £135 £84

The Castelli Riparo is a slightly heavier duty rain jacket that the Squadra.

In fact, Castelli name it its workhorse rain jacket for training or commuting in the rain.

Buy now: Castelli Riparo rain jacket at Chain Reaction Cycles for £84

Castelli Team Sky Volo bib shorts £90 £62

Get that pro look with these Team Sky Volo bib shorts.

The shorts are adorned with the wins of the British team, and are the choice of the Team Sky pro team.

Buy now: Castelli Team Sky Volo bib shorts at Evans Cycles for £62 

Castelli Squadra long jacket £40 £31

Autumn’s on its way, which means you need to start packing some protection from the bad weather.

The Castelli Squadra is waterproof, lightweight and easily stuffs into a back pocket, making it the perfect riding partner.

Buy now: Castelli Squadra Long jacket at Evans Cycles for £31

Castelli Belgian Bootie Oversock £20 £13.99

It might not be the season for overboots, but it soon will be, and it’s better to have your feet protected when the bad stuff rolls in.

Buy now: Castelli Belgian Bootie Oversock at Evans Cycles for £13.99

Castelli RS Superleggera short sleeve jersey £115 £68

The same tech as found on Castelli’s top Tour riding kit is also bundled in this cheaper package. It’s lightweight so it should be comfortable and cool on the skin.

Buy now: Castelli RS Superleggera short sleeve jersey at Evans cycles for £68

Castelli women’s Dolcissima gloves £30 £21

Gloves are a great purchase if you know you’re going to be riding lots, they’ll suck up some of the road buzz and stop your hands getting chafed.

Buy now: Castelli women’s Dolcissima gloves at Wiggle for £21

Castelli Nano bib-shorts £100 £69

Those chilly mornings are no bother for these slightly thermo Nano bib-shorts. They’ll be perfect for those slightly chilly autumnal mornings.

Buy now: Castelli Nano bib-shorts at Wiggle for £69

Castelli Women’s climbers jersey £70 £48.99

Buy now: Castelli Women’s climbers jersey at Evans Cycles for £48.99

This super lightweight jersey is perfect for the (hopefully) red hot conditions we’ll be experiencing this summer. Either way, it’s light, cool and comfortable – perfect.