Bike brand Felt has announced a voluntary recall of three of its lower-priced 2009 time trial/triathlon bikes so that aluminium steering columns on the forks can be inspected.

The models involved in the UK are 2009 versions of B16 and S32 with the only affected B12 bikes being those sold in the USA and Canada where an aluminium steerer tube was used on the otherwise carbon fork.

All the bikes were shipped to dealers between October 2008 and May 2010 and any owners are now asked to stop using them immediately and contact their Felt dealer for a free inspection and possible replacement of the fork.

Felt have received seven reports of broken steerer tubes in the US with one of them causing  a rider to crash and suffer minor injuries. So far, no incidents have been reported in the UK.

The recalled bikes are:

2009 B16: Matt black/red, carbon fibre frame, carbon fibre fork with aluminium steerer tube.

2009 S32: Gloss white/red, aluminum frame, carbon fibre fork with aluminium steerer tube.

2009 B12: Gloss silver/carbon coloured carbon fibre frame, carbon fibre fork with aluminium steerer tube (US and Canada only – UK model has different fork)

For more information, please contact your local Felt dealer.

The UK distributor Saddleback is on 01454 299965.

Felt Bicycles in the USA and Canada on (866) 433-5887

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  • Ray Beddow

    Had this happen to me going to a club ride steerer tube snapped at the base near the wheel snapped my collerbone in 2 and road rash all over no reason for it

  • Brad

    Wow….I have a 2009 Felt B16 and my front fork steer tube snapped.

    I had just had a race on Saturday and had some roling downhills with speeds 35mph+ , then on Sunday while on a 90-mile training mile my steering suddenly went all to hell while on a flat paved bike trail at mile 50. There was a grinding noise while test turning the steering wheel. Steering was sloppy and pulled all over the place. Limped it into a gas station, bought some WD-40 (I know, I know…it was an emergency decision and would not and have not ever done it before, I just thought I could clear out some gunk causing the problem so I could limp home and then clean it out) in the fork tube area. Didn’t help and had to ask my wife to pack the kids and come get me – an 1 1/2 hour round trip.
    Transported the B16 to the bike shop on Monday where I bought it and they didn’t find anything wrong… but told me about the recall and asked if I’d received a notice. Nope and nope. Nothing. So, I filled out paperwork to get the new fork and they sent me off and told me not to use WD40 (yeah, okay thanks for that) and said they’d looked at the front post and didn’t see anything wrong and sent me on my way….One guy at the shop recommended not to ride it until the fork wa changed (about a week) and another guy there said I shouldn’t worry about the recall…

    Well…getting on the bike on Wednesday I knew immediately the steering was still jacked up. Luckily I didn’t get into the aero’s or go more than 15 mph (my usual commute route is about 20 mph with top speeds around 35 mph)….I stopped several times as the steering was very sloppy. Tried tightening and then loosening the main post lugs a few times.

    Then after stopping at an intersection pushed off and heard a snap and front fork collapsed into the wheel. Caught myself going forward and luckily did not go down in the intersection. I could see that the front fork aluminum steerer down tube had snapped off just above the fork – holy moly. If that would have occurred at any of a number of 25-45 mph moments in the past few weeks I don’t even want to imagine what could have occurred.

    Called a co-worker and got a lift to work and let me borrow her car to bring the bike to the bike shop. At the bike shop I held up the bike with the front wheel dangling from the frame by the brake line and said “Hey, “I found the steering problem.”

    On the way to the bike shop I had called Felt and told them I had a broken steer tube in the front fork. “Dave” said it might not be the recall issue…huh? What? But since the bike was under warranty they’d take care of it.(???)
    I told him I was in the middle of peak training period for Louisville IM and wanted the repair ASAP. He said if the paperwork was faxed to him today he could get the new fork sent to arrive Thursday.

    Meanwhile, back at the bike shop. They called Dave again at Felt and turned out best he could actually do was expidite new fork/steer tube to arrive on Friday for retrofit (which I can live with). The bike shop guys noted that I could rent a bike for training for $150…, yea thanks for that, how about another Felt…..

    Anyhow, slightly freaked out about the whole deal. Didn’t get the recall notice, bike shop didn’t catch the real problem on Monday, and mostly just thinking about all my efforts to “train safe” only to discover I was riding a ticking time bomb.

    I basically just got very lucky….