The Labour leader could get an awful lot of bike with his £5,500 budget

After being criticised by a Telegraph columnist earlier this week for having the temerity to dream about owning a £475 Raleigh Criterium bike, Jeremy Corbyn has been backed by his own supporters who have clubbed together to raise money to buy him his dream machine.

However, the crowdfunding campaign set up in order to raise the money has now spiralled out of control, with nearly £5,500 currently in the kitty.

Although Tom Jordan, the man behind the campaign, has said that any excess money that Corbyn doesn’t want will be donated to charity, we’ve got our heads together to come up with a few suggestions if the Labour leader decides to blow the whole budget on some shiny carbon-fibre and deep section wheels to speed up his five mile commute to Westminster from his Islington constituency…

1. Raleigh Militis eTap

raleigh militis etap

If Corbyn wants to stick with Raleigh and support British manufacturing at the same time then the new Militis eTap looks like a good option. It’s the first Raleigh to be built in the UK in thirteen years, and although the red and yellow colour scheme might not be quite right, it could help to win back a few SNP voters in the upcoming Scottish Parliament elections.

2. Specialized Tarmac Expert

specialized tarmac expert

One bike that is completely the right colour is the Specialized Tarmac Expert with its bright red colour scheme all the way down to the decals. As an added bonus, at £3,000 it is well under budget, so Jez can put the leftover money towards upgrading those wheels.

3. Trek Madone

trek madone project one

If the leader of the opposition really wants to go to town with his five grand then the new Trek Madone could be a great option, and would certainly take a few seconds off his commute with its fully internal cabling. Admittedly, he would have to compromise on the deep section wheels, but at least he could paint it bright red with Trek’s Project One customisation tool.

4. Look 795 Aerolight

Look 795 bike (1)

Costing £4,299, you might think that this bike comes in well under budget. But astonishingly that price is just for the frame and fork. Hopefully that should be no problem for a keen cyclist such as Jeremy Corbyn, as surely he’s got some deep section wheels and a spare groupset in the garage that his parliamentary assistant can stick on.

5. Specialized Turbo e-Bike

specialized turbo e-bike

If all of the above suggestions are just a bit too racy for a man who is a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Cheese and likes to spend his free time making homemade jam, then the Specialized Turbo e-Bike might be a better option. It comes with electronic assist motor, meaning that Corbyn will be able to get to work each day without breaking into a sweat.

  • trummy

    Should be a British frame fitted with Hope components and a Brooks saddle protected by a Squire lock! And good luck to him! I may not agree with all his policies but at last a party leader who is honest and can live by his principles

  • Stevo

    But this is Cycling Weekly. Only American stuff counts. The fact that British bikes are as good or better is irrelevant.

    Condor or Dolan would be my suggestion.

  • MPs can accept a gift, it would be churlish not to accept this birthday gift. They just have to declare it in the register of members interests. As he will. It’s not as if the public are going to miss this one!

  • Ian Miles

    Don’t you think he might choose a Britih bike. UK media always amazes me. Rarely champions of anything produced down the road yet demanding we purchase a subscription. Genesis, Field, Bob Jackson, Ellis Briggs, Mercian, Dawes…..

  • Michael

    Aren’t there common’s rules against him accepting this money?

    Otherwise I’m sure we’d see politicians adorned in all manner of branded goods and driving their ‘dream’ vehicles.