Plonking a child on an ill-fitting, heavy bike in the vain attempt to encourage them to get them riding is likely to end a budding cycling career before its even begun.

Fortunately Grupetto has saved our next generation of cycling superstars quitting before they begin with its mini-me bikes. Unlike most small children’s bikes, the Primavera has been totally scaled down to fit kids aged 6 to 16.

The 22in, 24in and 26in wheeled aluminium bikes include 140mm cranks, junior handlebars (which measure 36cm on the 22in bike) and even a peppering of Shimano throughout the running gear. All this on a compact frame with sloping top tube lengths of 38cm, 44cm, 48cm and a sensibly sized stems to make handling easier.

You’re still looking at 9kg for a 22in bike, but compared to most kids bikes, it positively svelte. With the racy paint job, the end result is a convincingly scaled down adult race bike.

The downside is kids bikes this good carry grown up pricetags – £550 for the 22in. If a bike is on the Christmas list and Santa is feeling generous then get your order in quick, there’s a three to four-week delivery time.


This article was first published in the November 15 issue of Cycling Weekly. You can also read our magazines on Zinio and download from the Apple store.