British retailer Halfords has announced that it will stock a range of Pinarello bikes from the spring. The Italian manufacturer’s models will be offered alongside Halfords’ existing lines of bikes, including the popular Boardman range.

“I’m delighted that we have become an official stockist of Pinarello bikes, which are among the best in the world and have an incredible pedigree of success,” said Paul McClenaghan, Commercial Director of Halfords.

“Halfords has been developing own and exclusive branded ranges for several years to cover all aspects of the market, from child and entry level cycles all the way through to performance road bikes. Our partnership with Pinarello will further extend our range at the top end.”

Pinarello has been making road bikes since the early 1950s, and the brand has achieved a solid ‘high-end’ status. Both the British national team and the British-based WorldTour squad Sky currently ride Pinarello bikes, a factor which has increased their profile in the UK market – helped by Bradley Wiggins’ 2012 Tour de France victory.

The Pinarello models will be available via Halfords’ website and in selected stores from the spring.

Although Halfords’ Christmas sales figures were described by financial analysts as ‘flat’, the preceding year had seen strong growth in the sale of cycles and cycle accessories around the London 2012 Olympic Games. More tellingly, sales of its more expensive bike brands – in particular Boardman – have increased 33% in the first half of January 2013.

“Cycling sales initially disappointed but performed more strongly as the holiday period progressed and we were particularly pleased that momentum has been maintained in sales of premium cycles,” said Chief Executive Matt Davies. 

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  • CJ

    I’ve been enjoying my first few rides on the replacement (aluminium frame) Boardman Road Team. Took it for a 46mile ride to the coast, and was left rather pleased.

    It was comfy, responsive and an overall joy to ride.

    Still sad I had to return my Pro Carbon, but the replacement does (at first impression) seem a more practical option.

    Thanks for your help Halfords Purley Way. It’s good to know you guys work harder on good custom rather than just making a sale.

  • AC

    I have a boardman MTB. Lovely bike and better than I could afford at LBS but was dangerous when I picked it up. Apparently it had been all set up and checked, I rolled it outside and got on to ride home and the handlebars turned!! Walked it home and then went through it carefully tightening and adjusting things….a lot of things!
    Spoke to Halfords about it. They were sorry and offered me…… servicing (I assume by the same person) for a year. Hilarious.

    I guess the pinarellos will be the same. Great bikes at good prices but poor quality build up and after service. LBS may not all be better but the ones I have used have been very good.

  • CJ

    It’s a sad day for me..

    My pride and joy Boardman Air (Pro) Carbon has a (very serious) design flaw.

    I took it out on Good Friday for a 70mile round trip to Maidstone, when the seat post slipped beneath me; I nearly had an accident on a busy road because of it.

    My feet were locked in the road bike clip pedals at the time; scared the hell outta me!!

    I pulled over to analyse what had just occurred. At first I thought it may just have been that the post wasn’t tightened but it was. I looked at the seatpost adjust numbers and, I reliased it had dropped from 4 to just under 9.

    I put the seat back to its orig setting and taried on; cautiously slower.

    In 11 miles I had to continually adjust the seat a few times back to where it was originally set at 4. IFeeling unsafe I had no choice but to turn back to London (between Woldingham and Westerham).

    I had previously (causally) notified my Halfords store about feeling discomfort in my back when I rode it and thought I just needed to adjust the seat back or forward .

    Turns out, it was sometihing much more serious.

    I’ve found out today that this a common problem with all carbon (frame and post) bikes (not just those supplied by Halfords).

    Really gutted; this was a dream bike,,

    It’s currently back at the Halfords store. I’m now faced with the scenarios of keep (with a poss ‘hybrid’ fix), a refund or to choose another.

    As much as I wanna keep, I think now knowing this is a onging problem, I’m thinking about how potentially fatal that experience, could have been or be in future and am liking the retention option even less.

    So far the lad; spoken to at my Purley Way store (Michael) store seems to be doing what he can.

    Let’s watch this space and see how Halfords handle.

  • CJ

    Well, Pinarello have officially taken residence within Halfords stores!!

    Aside from an undeniably great brand, first impressions are:

    – What hefty prices(!!) and
    – Boardman bikes on a similar spec appear much lighter

    Well, let’s see how the customer reviews fare; ALL /COMMENTS APPRECIATED!!

  • Guy Watson

    Pinarello’s make great bikes but in my opinion, fact is, they can’t expect to charge the money they do for being an exclusive artisan / historic brand, whilst the reality is they are now high volume and mass produced. DeRosa and Colnago did the same, cashed in at the expense of exclusivity.

    Pinarello’s at Halfords? personally, I think it’s a good thing – more good quality bikes for a more discerning Joe Public – and if it encourages more bums on bikes, what’s the problem?

    Don’t get me wrong – I’m the type of nutter who would drive to Pergoretti in Italy, just to pick up something exclusive, it’s what keeps things interested for me – but I would never dream of slagging off someone else’s bike because they got it from Halfords.

    Best piece of advice about buying bikes – if in doubt, buy the one you’ll most enjoy cleaning! 🙂

  • stubbz

    O my god you guys are noobs, I worked for Halfords for over 10 hard bloody years as a mechanic (cycles) then to management, Let me tell you this, they do not give a fig for there staff and as regards training well most of it was conducted down at Redditch by complete idiots..There was only a few die hard bikers who worked there and now they have been replaced by part time staff yes part time as full time staff do not exist so tell me how are you going to get the best service..Staff these days could’nt give a shit due to low pay and working every weekend bar one each month and see it as a bit of a paper round…As regards snobbery if I was paying more than £1000.00 on a bike then I would like good backup service and yes I would like to be fitted to my bike as yes you do need to be sized and a company that would prefer to sell a bike in a box to its customers is pretty piss poor, Yes when I was manager thats what was headoffice wanted..

    I am glad to say that I manage my own busy IBS now and if I was asked what did I get out of my time at Halfords the answer would be Stress, poor staffing, lack of support and training..

  • Alc

    I was surprised by Pinarello’s decision to go with halfords….and yes, I prefer to shop elsewhere. However they have championed Boardman’s for years and that brand goes from strength to strength (value, quality, Brownlees etc). I agree that some earlier comments are a bit extreme but let’s see how it goes. With cycling becoming so much more popular the larger shops are right to support it. Anyway, how many of us have walked into a traditional, niche bike shop and felt rather intimidated by the snobbery etc !!

  • CJ

    Hesh I’d agree, Rob’s comment are; at best, unfortunate.

    Without seeking to get into any large scale disputes with him, or any other individual, as well as to preserve the integrity of this fine website, I’d like to say my purchases (£) for bikes have been small as well as large (referring to the higher end figure tabled by Rob). In additon to buying from Halfords, I have also had the opportunity of purchasing bikes from alternative bike shops.

    With the greatest respect Rob; I’m sure you believe what you are saying, but based on my genuine independence and I insist I do not work for Hlafords, nor do I receive any form of commission, I have found them competently credible enough to deliver a good service.

    In one year, I rode my old Boardman nearly two thousand miles; trips from inland to the coast (of up to 170 miles a day retrun). I’ve also ridden it into Europe as well as participated in sportives. The guys at Halfords serviced my bike in that I never encountered mechanical diffculties (other than punctures).

    It is also worth mentioning, nearly 12 months on from being sold, the new owner informs the bike is STILL peforming well, with no complaints,

    Rest assured; had I no confidence in the company, I would; and as I currently have an upgraded model, WILL express it, but I think some of the comments that suggest buying a Pinarello (or Boardman) from Halfords ‘degrades’ those brands, are unreasonable.

    Some of the bike mechs work pretty hard for nothing more than a love of what they do; just like you. Therefore, comments like that undermine the work these grassroots guys and girls do in delivering a quality product.

    (Sigh) The real test of this will have to be down to the genuinely independent and unassuming consumer; one who has no axe to grind other than getting a good product at the the right price to afford them the joys of cycling.

    SIDE note to the powers that be at Halfords;

    I hope you will take note of ALL the contributors comments here; however reasonable or unpalatable, and ensure you competently manage the roll out of the Pinarello brand.

    My only comment to you is it is noticeable (straw poll) at Halfords, very few staff actually own one of your bikes.

    Your greatest salespersons will be your staff, and it may be helpful to actively encourage/help in making ownerhship of your bikes more accessible to them so that their opinions delivered to would be purchasers are not just from a perspective of mechanics, but also, from an appreciation of experienced performance,

    Reiterated, how you deliver that may prove critical to the success of Pinarello in your stores, as it may help when they are able to deliver more knowledge about the bike than just saying:

    “Well, Sir Bradley Wiggins has one!!”.


  • Hesh

    Interesting reading. Some of it inspiring, some disheartening, and some down right ignorant, contradictory, and inflammatory. (yes Rob that means you)

    “I can only assume no knowledgeable people post on here…” obviously what you meant is “most people disagree with me, but they’re obviously wrong”

    You have a fair number of cyclists, a cytech level three mechanic, and others telling you that your view is unfounded, and you yourself reiterate the need for a fitting service at bike point of purchase, then say its not required.

    Which is it Sir? your arguments seemingly are based in dispositional atributes and entrenched personal belief, mainly one it would seem one of “you’re correct and anyone who disagrees is not”.

    Regardless of the discussion at hand, your stance and “back pedalling” on key points makes your argument even less persuasive and your position untenable. In short you have simply made yourself look very foolish.

    I hope that Halfords get the sale and aftercare of the new bikes right. if for no other reason than to prove ill informed, overly judgemental, and frankly pompous people such as yourself wrong.

    go read the daily mail and complain about something else, anywhere else.

    kind regards
    A Cyclist and mechanic
    (30 years, from chopper, Grifter, to Kona, via Santa Cruz, GT and yes, a Carrera CX “special”)

  • Rob Littler

    *Facepalm*. Just bacause you have never expirienced a higher level of service doesn’t mean there are no advantages to getting it. No, you dont have to be fitted, no you dont have to buy a high end bike, if you want to ride along the promenade with the kids then thats fine. I would assume that somebody looking to buy a £1500+ bike would also be looking to take things a little more seriously in the future. I can only assume no knowlegble people post on here or this post has been trolled by employees of Halfords. Amusing though this has been I will close my argument by saying that is you’re foolish enough to buy a Pinarello from Halfords and can’t appreciate what riding a bike that fits means then you deserve everything you get.

  • C J

    I think it is hard to discount the premise some of the views expressed seem; if I might use the term, ‘Oligopolistic and self important”.

    I am a customer of Halfords (bike and car services); have been for a few years.

    In that time, I’ve purchased two bikes from them; the latest being a(n upgrade) Boardman Pro Carbon. Whilst I recognise all experiences are different, I have found mine to be good.

    I agree; they may not have a litany of bike reps like some others (bearing in mind this is a multi functional company) but there is most always, a qualified specialist in store to practically answer your questions and work with you in helping provide posible alternatives on what is best for you.

    With their help, I bought my bike with all the spec you’d find on an equiv Specilaized, Trek, Bianchi, or any otrher eqivalent for nearly half the price. In so doing the bike offered did not compromise on the balance between quality components and performance.

    They also continue to be very competent in poviding after service support (bike care plan).

    For those who perhaps cannot say the same of Halfords’s bike care plan, they have the option to outsource any required aftersales service to someone else.

    That concern however, should not; reasonably, afftect someone deciding to buy a Pinarello from their stores.

    Companies like Halfords, (and Chain reaction), do something most others don’t; they bring the art of cycling to those who would otherwise be reduced to not appreciating its joys as a hobby.
    They also help reconcile whether what you want (for eg, more expensive but less practical bike; brand or type) is what you actually need.

    However far your budget can go, they do their best to help.

    For those less focused on elitism and more on practicalities, their association with Pinareallo; if managed well, should pay dividends. For those who have progressed in cycling with the Halfords range, they now have another great brand to which they can apsire.

    Well done Halfords; but please manage this well.

  • Andy

    Finding all the anti-halfords comments hilarious. I have worked as a Halfords mechanic for 5 years and I am cytec level three, does that make me one of these ‘incompetant teenagers’? Unfortunately it is true that people have bad experiences at halfords stores but I challange someone to go into every Evans shop in the country for example and come away with no bad experiences, it happens everywhere, even the LBS. If all you road bike snobs are so worried about the ‘bodge job’ you might get then learn to do it yourself and take the bike boxed.

  • Ciel

    Absolute rubbish Rob. You dont need to be fitted. Ive never been fitted for a bike. Ive bought a specialized bike from specialist shop and was never fitted for it. Ive tiagra groupset on it with 7000 miles on it and its mint nothing wrong with it. Thats riding around the lanes of co down too.
    If budding cyclists listen to such wisened words from experts such as you they wouldnt set a foot on a peddle.

  • Robert Littler

    Depends how often have you’ve ridden said Raleigh, I’ve got a 25 year old Raleigh Record that is still running fine, but it only gets ridden a couple of times a month, however My Wilier that gets ridden 2000 miles a year has a new drivetrain every 18 months…

    Yes, a Pinnarello bought from Halfords is not as good as one bought from a competent shop, Halfords will use untrained teenage mechanics to set your bike up and service it, you sign a disclaimer to say you are happy with the hash they’ve doe setting it up, you will not be sized correctly because they are unlikely to have an experienced road rider working there.

    Go to a reputable dealer and you will be given good advice about which bike is right for you. You should be sized correctly by a trained fitter, and have your bike set up and serviced by an experienced and trained mechanic. Any good bike shop will usually give you a first service free of charge too.

    If it costs the same, why not be taken care of by people that know what they are doing?

  • Ciel

    Dont be silly Rob L. Ive a £120 Raleigh mountain bike and its ok and still going after 10 years. Get over yourself. what youre saying is that a pinarello sold in Halfords is not as good as at a local shop?

  • peter kerswill

    i have friends who have had bad experiences at `proper bike shops`and quite honestly if you want to do some bike maintenance , the best thing to do is to do it yourself . Everything you would need to do to your bike can be downloaded off the manufacturers websites. pinarellos are quality bikes wherever you buy them from. good to see elitism is alive and well.
    I`ve started doing 100mile sportives and the amount of older out of condition men on dogmas is laughable , all the bling doesn`t improve your performance , it just seems to make you a bigger snob.

  • chris

    I agree with the anti-snobbery comments. If Halfords brings a decent bike to joe public, where’s the problem. Even if Halfords make a hash of the fitting, it will just mean more work for the local bike shop and more secondhand Pinerellos in 6 moths time. As for the tarnishing of the image, what utter nonsense. ‘Image’ is a moronic concept, the bike is either good or bad and Halfords have a much larger footfall than the lbs and will bring a good bike to more people. Personally I ride 40-50 miles per week on a 20 year old Raleigh. I have lost count of the number of friends, family and neighbours who have spent a fortune on the latest gear and dabbled with cycling only to quit after 3 months. In truth, to me, the gear is virtually irrelevant.

  • Rob Littler

    It amazes me that people can think poking fun at the abysmal quality bikes on offer in Halfords is snobbery, if you don’t know what is wrong with a £99 bicycle, you have no idea about cycling.
    Competent staff are an exception to the rule in Halfords, the only full time members of staff being the manager and duty manager. The company in general if far more interested in profits than quality of service.
    I run a large cycle store that is two miles away from a branch of Halfords, a large portion of our servicing is made up of putting right their utterly inept servicing, and I have yet to perform a fit on a Boardman bike that is the right size.

  • Stu

    This will take the gloss of pinarello `s image now.
    Why couldnt they sell them through Evans or another Cycle shop chain instead of Halfords?
    Damn good bikes ruined by Incompetent Halfords “mechanics”, I am a former cycle mechanic and I wouldnt let them pump up my tyres.
    They are as much use as a CHOCOLATE TEAPOT.

  • phil

    interested to see how it effects pricing. typically an exotic brand now becoming more main stream. Mr Pinarello is sat at home rubbing his hands together at the prospect of all these new sales, I for one will be looking forward to ebay sales. pick up a pinarello bargain.

  • Ciel

    The snobbery is staggering frankly and i totally agree with H. Everybody knows do they Lee? Whats wrong with a £99 bikes. Whats wrong with buying a 56′ Pinarello at Halfords. If it needs adjusting slightly all you snobs can surely do that. Price will decide how many buy them from Halfords. All modern bikes are so reliable these days that what is your local bike shop going to offer you? This middle class attitude that halfords is for the dirty oiled oinks with their chav spoilers is typical of some the cycle club mentality.

  • lee

    I think everyone knows…. if you want a decent bike you go to a proper bikeshop, which unfortunately for Halfords PR department does not include them and with good reason, as a few people above have said.

    Boardman would be better if they were not sold in Halfords.

  • H

    Some of the above comments are the reason why I was aprehensive about starting road cycling myself.
    Snobby quips such as ‘£99 chinese bikes’ make my blood boil! Yes, Halfords bikes are the cheaper on the market, but £99! that is alot of money for the average bloke on the street! I paid £350 for a Carrera Virtuoso, my first road bike and I love it to bits. Does everything I want it to (with addition of SPD) and I happily ride it past the uber cyclist with the latest clothing and sparkly carbon bike in my sports direct gear (muddy fox, good clothing, fraction of the price)
    Cycling is a sport for EVERYONE, so please, get off your highhoses and applaud a company making it a more affordable sport for people to fall in love with.

  • matt

    i work on the bikehut with in halfords and i think this is great, i love how so many people have clearly had a bad experience with halfords within the past but clearly are not aware that for the most part the full time staff members are actually not incompetent. most of us are cyclists ourselves. so although it is our job it is also our sport so we are able to help you size up and buy what ever bike you are interested in.

  • Ken Evans

    Has the world gone mad ? Are Halfords going to provide bike fitting services too ? Are their staff competent to cut down fork steerer tubes etc ??

  • barry

    Will they be the real or the ‘fake’ ones ????

  • JD

    But where will they find space for them? Might look good next to the superlative £99 Chinese kids bikes…

  • Rick S

    aftermarket spoiler for your chavmobile sir? stereo capable of making your ears bleed? whippy aerial? chocolate toolkit? how about a Pinarello? Yes, that’s right, Bradley rides one…no we don’t know anything about them either. We can pump your tires up for you though….probably….

  • Philip Livingstone

    I wonder if all three brands – Carrera, Boardman, Pinarello, were made in the same factory?!

  • Rob Littler

    Well that’s the end of Pinnarello as a reputable brand in the UK.

  • James Elstone

    Well this will be comical, who’s up for testing the sales pitch of this versus a carrera road bike?

    Sales pitch will include such phrases as, Brilliant for the road, if its good enough for Sir Wiggins its good enough for you, Full carbon frame for weight savings … IT’s ITALIAN!