Stunning new super bike unveiled at Eurobike

While most new bikes are unveiled amid a flurry of claims about how they will save you X number of watts or are so many grams lighter than their competitors, it seems very Italian for the new De Rosa SK Pininfarina simply to be billed as “the perfect synthesis of style and performance”.

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As you can probably guess from the name, this bike is the culmination of a project between De Rosa and the Pininfarina car brand. This certainly isn’t the first such collaboration with Specialized and Colnago having worked with McLaren and Ferrari respectively in the development of their high-end bikes.

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The De Rosa SK Pininfarina frame uses what De Rosa calls its “inner mold tooling system”. This uses 3D printing and special resin, which the company says provides the ultimate blend of stiffness and low weight. As you’d expect, this is combined with comfort, thanks to the fact that the carbon fibre is apparently woven by hand in the De Rosa factory.


To improve aerodynamics the cables are internally routed

The bike also has everything you’d expect from an aerodynamic frame. There’s internal wiring, even if it’s not as well integrated as what you see on the Specialized S-Works Venge ViAS and the Scott Foil, as well as a 1 1/8″ to 1 1/4″ tapered head tube for a super slender front profile. There are also direct mount brakes which are located in the normal places.

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This frame is combined with deep section Vision Metron 81 wheels, which will come with Pininfarina decals to match the frame, a very neat FSA Plasma integrated bar and stem combo, and an aerodynamic seatpost.


The Vision Metron 81 wheels will come with Pininfarina decals to match the frame

The De Rosa SK Pininfarina will be available in a range of builds. Well, when I say a range of builds, I mean anything ranging from Campagnolo Super Record EPS to just plain old mechanical Super Record. You do however get a choice of colours: black, blue and black, red and black, and black and red.


The De Rosa SK Pininfarina is available in several colour schemes, including this eye-catching blue/black option

Finally, you’re probably wondering how much this stunning bike is going to cost, and whether you can afford it. Well, there aren’t any official prices yet, but we’re guessing somewhere north of ten grand.

  • Kevin

    The re finishing of internal surfaces is generally an indication of a high end frame, it’s apparently to prevent stress fractures which occur along the lines of internal unfinished folds or creases in the carbon. First I heard of it was an article regarding the Felt frames which Garmin were using at the time, it was news to me then, but every little helps 🙂

  • Andrew Bairsto

    I have a new 838 in my stable with Zipp and super record and its superb a lot better made than my new Foil for which I am very disappointed as for the new models they all look absolutely fabulous but at the end of the day its the legs and lungs that count.

  • Alex

    I doubt your dissatisfaction with your bike has anything to do with the fact it was made in Taiwan. Taiwan leads the way in bike manufacturing, especially with carbon frames. Giant and Merida are both Taiwanese and manufacture frames for other big cycling brands. I doubt De Rosa’s factory in Italy has the same experience and expertise at laying up carbon as those in Taiwan.

  • Stevo

    Rough internal surfaces? How absolutely, absolutely terrible for you.

  • Tony West

    Thing of beauty, maybe, but remember, always look at the mother before making rash decisions. have pinin done anything lately.

  • Tony West

    I always get suspicious when people say, “very light” but dont say what their idea of light is, can I see a bit of F8 in there, like cars, they all look the same.

  • shadwell

    Having purchased a De Rosa Idol this year, (which was Taiwanese made) thankfully at a hugely reduced price, any mystique this brand I may have once had went right out the window.. the finish of the frame was average at best, the internal surfaces were very rough and poorly finished.. and the ride was wooden at best… that was a 3500 dollar rrp frameset!
    I wonder if this is manufactured in italy, and more importantly if the frame quality and finish is going to justify what will be a very high rrp..

  • cahern1968

    I have always thought that De Rosa’s are things of beauty, and this new one is no different.

  • Jay Kay

    It’s nice, but they should have at least aligned the wheel decals so that it looked like my speedo/rev counter dials…tsk…and Pininfarina are not a car brand (perse), they are a design house specializing in car brands

  • Stevie

    saw it in red and was like no, saw it in black hmm maybe………….. BUT IN BLUE I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!