Although you're not going to be able to buy it any time soon

While most concept bikes are designed to give a glimpse of the future of super-fast racing bikes, B’Twin has taken a different approach, creating a bike which it believes will be the commuting bike of the future.

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Created by Volkswagon designer Xavier Lescourret, this bike has no shortage of clever features that might appeal to anyone riding to and from work. Most notable is the split top tube, which is designed to accommodate a tablet or laptop case, getting rid of the need to carry it on your back.

B'Twin concept bike features commuting

The bike has no shortage of neat features

The bike has also been designed with integrated front and rear lights, while hidden away in the down tube is a cable lock (although we might suggest a more secure D-lock if you’re considering leaving this pretty eye-catching bike locked up against some railings for any length of time).

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Aside from this the bike has been designed with a SRAM Force 1 groupset with disc brakes (naturally) and some interesting bull horn handlebars, which got us thinking about whether B’Twin might consider unleashing this bike as a fixie too.

The main thing we’re not sure about with this bike is its looks, which certainly don’t stand up to those of the stunning concept track bike that Mazda released earlier this year.

  • Adrian

    The integrated lights may well be CREE LED lights and pump out over 1000 lumens… Quite enough.

    On the rest of your points, it’s probably a matter of taste.
    The integrated lock seems a bid odd though, you’re right.

  • Adrian

    hahaha… No need to boast about your weather now. 🙂

  • intergalacticSpartacus

    Might just be my opinion but this looks like the worst bike for commuting. A carbon frame prevents any racks from being mounted (which have done a fine job carrying items for decades), and would get destroyed on a train.

    The extreme-bent-over position would guarantee some nice back problems by the time I got to work. Integrated lights & locks means I cant upgrade or change easily when broken. I’m also guessing, but might not be correct, that these lights are battery powered and not generator powered, meaning a long commute home in the dark that may involve stops, flat tire repair, etc, could cause the lights to burn out before I arrive. The skinny-looking tires would be hell over potholes, cracks, wet surfaces, mud, oil, and everything else along a commute path.

    Does this bike assume as well that I’ll work in my commute clothes, that would be splattered with debris due to no fenders? For I see no place to attach a bag with my work clothes. I assume I’m supposed to wear a backpack. If that’s the case, why the integrated items?

    This looks like another bike that tries to solve problems that don’t actually exist. Neat concept, but it’s a concept that’s not really practical. This looks like more of a bike that a rich kid might ride around downtown and nowhere else. Call me a retro-grouch, but i’m sticking to steel.

  • Ben Alexander

    I love this kind of thing. Nowhere for a water bottle, no eyelets for racks or fenders, those “integrated lights” are probably weak and barely visible, integrated cable lock (!) and carbon fiber everywhere. Oh, I forgot bullhorn bars, for no apparent reason. And a gimmicky frame design. Where in the world is the city in which this bike is a good commuter?!

  • REDCyclingSocks

    Big mistake. It has nothing to do with a commuter bike. No place for mudgards, rack, lights. Mechanics may be a pain on that bike (imp point). Spares should be expensive. Anoying trendy handlebar. Commuters bikes will not look like that at all. But has nothing to do with a TT bike either. So I dont know what BTWIN designers play.

  • J1

    Well that has nothing to do with anything.

  • Paul Tuohy

    Just a total ‘NO’. Unless you’re a golfer.

  • Rich

    well, i know there is a huge amount of Decathlon shops in Spain. Barely need mudguards in most of Spain.

  • Brandon Dillon

    Not everyone lives where it rains all the time 🙂

  • andrew1953

    I like this bike with its integrated headstem I first saw on a LOOK. The disc brakes, frame colour and styling. Looks different, individualistic.

  • Phil Cresswell

    Ultimate commuter? So where are the mudguards?