Canyon-SRAM's beautiful 2016 hits the Rapha shop, although it's bad news for us blokes

When Canyon-SRAM launched their new kit late last year we could hardly belive our eyes. In a world where cycling kits have become drab and boring, suddenly here was a kit with a striking design and flashes of red, yellow, green, pink, and blue all over the black base of the jersey.

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And now this beautiful kit is available to buy through Rapha. There is a choice of three main pieces of riding clothing: an aero jersey (£130), gilet (£80), and bib shorts (£170), all of which have the colourful design that is, according to the clothing’s designer, inspired by “the warning tape you see used on building sites and along the street; specifically when there are multiple layers wrapped around scaffolding poles or broken lamp posts to highlight potential dangers.”

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Alongside the jersey, shorts and gilet, you can also buy a snood (£15), cap (£20), musette (£15), and t-shirt (£30) with the same design, with everything being made available in a wide range of sizes.

The bad news (for us blokes) is that all of the riding kit is only available in women’s sizes and cuts. Come on, Rapha, at least give us a chance to try and pull off this great look.

  • SonOfaGun

    Men’s kit shouldn’t upstage the women’s really. That would be camp.

  • Michael

    “All shapes and sizes Vincent”

  • ummm…

    A couple of commentators below who is a woman said there is little diff for her…..

  • Samuel Clemens

    Headline totally at odds with the picture. That’s horrible. Give me nice Assos/Castellie bold plain red/blue/yellow colours with plenty of black.

  • tony365

    No problems with the Kit, I do have a problem with the whole ”This might be” BS click bait language, why don’t you throw in Hipster, Ridiculously, Curated, Hack & Millennial, while your at it.

  • Michael


    Think I’ll stick with my Torm jerseys.

  • Michael

    I think you’re a bit young to learn these differences yet.

  • Rich Wake

    I’m not worried since the cap, snood and musette are hardly going to be in women specific sizes,

  • Nathan Perry

    Rapha have already said there will be men’s versions in spring 2017

  • Chris

    I think it is a la mode to accuse them of sexism, or any other ‘ism that comes to mind.

  • ummm…

    the kit is nice. not sure why you’d want to sell only to women tho.

  • ummm…

    i think it is nice. a little fluo colors along with the black we all like.

  • ummm…

    Whats the big difference between a mans jersey and a womans jersey? Also, dont worry, I’ve found a “males” cycling jersey that is comparable in aesthetic. I suppose once again you’ll be the only one nude on the weekend ride.

  • emelee

    Agree with JosieG! It’s so hard to find great women’s kit. Believe it or not, we ARE shaped differently than men, and we love our bikes too!!! In my next lifetime, I think I’ll have a women’s only kit company. It’ll license team kits as well as original designs. Yeah!
    The Rapha kit is gorgeous. THANKS!

  • Howmanyjackos

    Its still rapha , still golf club, “lady members only please”

  • AST1986

    I’m not saying that I’d wear them myself, but some of the kits in the men’s pro peloton are decent this year. Trek’s is quite nice and I’m personally a big fan of the Cannondale kit.

  • Kevin Raymond

    Beautiful? Are you blind….? It’s like something created in the 80s and inspired by a bad migraine….

  • JosieG

    Makes a change to have it this way round. It is normally the other way for us ladies. Welcome to our world!