UK and Europe left out of American price decrease

Shimano has slashed prices across the board, with some high-end components receiving price reductions of up to 40 per cent. But if you’re a UK consumer you shouldn’t get too excited, as the changes will only have an impact on the other side of the Atlantic.

“We see price changes from an increase of one per cent to a decrease of 40 per cent,” said Wayne D. Gray, vice president Shimano’s US distributor, speaking to industry website Bicycle Retailer and Industry News. “There’s no specific percentage across the board, but there’s reduction in our recommended wholesale pricing and retail of many items.”

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When Cycling Weekly contacted Shimano Europe and Madison, Shimano’s distributor in the UK, neither provided a comment on the reasons behind the American price decrease, or whether these price reductions would be replicated on this side of the Atlantic.

One possible reason for the price decrease could be the relative weakness of the Yen compared to the US Dollar, so with the Pound also strong growing in strength against the Japanese currency, we could still hope for price reductions over here.

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Another possible reason could be the increased competition that SRAM seems to be posing, particularly with the new SRAM Red eTap groupset, which is significantly cheaper than Shimano Dura-Ace Di2. However, Shimano has previously indicated that it is reluctant to take SRAM on head on in a battle of the wireless groupsets, saying that there is not currently the demand for it to produce its own wireless groupset.

  • David Bassett

    I suppose you are the guy in the washed out dayglow yellow shorts and the old shorts that have gone baggy.

  • 2ndeffort

    voice commands? Great, I’ll pull up next to someone on a steep climb and yell ‘change up’ 3 or 4 times before accelerating away as they slow and tip over!

  • Tired of the BS

    No not really. I had way not problems with my Audi S4 then my 83′ 308 GTS

  • Tired of the BS

    SRAM etap shifts slower than my Grandma and the shifting pattern is just plain dumb.

  • Tired of the BS

    Yeah they that when you’re gasping for air lol!. Dumbest idea I’ve heard this week

  • Michael

    Voice activated? That’ll be fun shouting “SHIMANO – BIG RING” at your mate’s bike as you pass him on a hill.

  • Chris

    If I was driving a 1970’s Ferrari, I’d be sitting on a rust coloured stain on the road, or alternatively waiting for the AA man. Give me good solid Japanese any day. Like me, it might not be pretty but it wouldn’t let you down.

  • Darren Garvie

    Sorry to say this but it would be the last thing on my list as most voice activated device can’t understand my voice. Plus if you are out of breath how will you speak I can’t when I’m training at the best of times.

  • Mike Mccarthy

    lol get a grip m8

  • Gary Simpson

    What would stop anyone shouting at your gears also how heavy would voice recognition to up or down be – would you programme it to your safe word to shift ? why is this not in the latest cars ? I tell you why – its a pretty dumb idea Bro – Maybe you could pick your shift words like Cock = up – Ass = down – in fact lets have the best 2 words for shifting pole.

  • getoverit

    Man-up and go with 70s Super Record downtube shifters. I pass everyone with their girly-man brifters anyway. Grow some ballss and go with old-school Italian vs boring Japanese. If you were going on a drive in the country would you want to drive a Civic or a 70s Ferrari ( or Fiat Spyder)? Ps…I hope you don’t also have a boring, ugly carbon bike with a compact crankset with a wide- ratio cassette that takes away all the challenges/ fun of cycling too! If you need all that stuff it is time to lose weight or stop wearing your skort on rides.

  • Hyun-ji Song

    Let’s face it, shifting under load as you describe it is never really going to be a great shift!

  • Conscience_of_a_conservative

    Shimano stock took a big hit yesterday with the company warning of an earnings hit. They’re reacting to something.

  • Harri

    voice commands on bikes haha ffs. Most riders cant even say hello to other riders let alone be assed to tell the bike to change gear, and if you have trouble changing gear up a hill because you become panicked, do you think you would be able to shout ‘change up’, ‘change down’ (or what ever you think would be an easy command) when grunting that much because you want to beat your mate (+if you do then you need to ride harder up hill). such a dumb idea the more I think about it hahaha. I could carry on.

  • Stevo

    Assuming you are in a position to to talk to the thing or even to think of the right words, which will not always be the case on a hard climb or at the end of a race. And if it doesn’t understand you at a critical moment, you are screwed.

  • J1

    Talk about giving the game away in a race situation.

  • briantrousers

    Do you have tiny hands?

  • Altimis Nuel

    Shimano is such stupid, SRAM is coming fierce on mid-high market.

    Look if you don’t see the truth yet, “No one want Ultegra mechanical if you not push up 105 Di2 out to fight SRAM eTAP”

    Why bother Ultegra mechanical (and even more stupid deal, Dura Ace mech) when there SRAM eTAP that just work like charm, innovate and far easier to install. Not to mention, eTAP also don’t care if your frame have Di2 compatible or not, as long as your bike frame is not too damn old (that case, you better off with new complete bike).

    The decision not to push 105 Di2 will be their nightmare…

  • grasspress

    hello hyun-ji. thanks for the tip. i don’t have any trouble but when transitioning from sitting to standing while accelerating quickly or climbing under power it’s cumbersome reaching for levers/buttons and the option to call out your shift (such as UP, DOWN, FRONT) would be quicker and more precise. don’t worry though. when it comes i’m sure it will be an option!

  • Hyun-ji Song

    If you have trouble, use di2. They have satellite shifters and sprint shifters. Using your voice seems like its more effort than pressing a button to me.

  • grasspress

    hi david. i don’t think so. surely you’ve been out of position while reaching for the shift lever when climbing or accelerating unless your hands are just right. under lazy-day riding it is easy to make the shift, i grant you that, but when you’re trying hard to overpass someone on a climb or sprint surely you’ve been distracted while making the mechanical shift and thought it should be easier and faster.

    regarding people nearby shouting out verbal commands for your bike that’s an easy one for today’s technologies to solve. don’t worry though, if it comes to pass it won’t be mandatory; you’ll always have a choice. as for me, i can’t wait. matter-of-fact, i’m holding off on my next bike purchase to see how things develop.

  • David Bassett

    I had to look at the calendar to make sure it was not April the 1st “looking for buttons while trying to concentrate on acceleration or climbing” you would have people along side of you shouting change down as you were concentrating on going up hill.

  • grasspress

    i feel that shimano will soon change it’s mind about wireless shifting like SRAM’s eTap system. with wireless technology, voice activated hands free shifting cannot be far behind, and what cyclist wouldn’t wish for a shifting mechanism that allows shifts on demand by simple voice controls without having to search for handlebar levers or buttons while trying to concentrate on acceleration or climbing? with wireless, all components are in place (with the exception of a voice input device) for such a system. i can’t wait!