Sky’s Ian Stannard has been using a Pinarello Dogma 2 team bike equipped with a prototype of Shimano’s new Dura-Ace 11-speed components during the 2012 Giro d’Italia.

The new mechanical groupset has had a radical redesign over the current Dura-Ace line. Aside from the extra cassette sprocket, the most immediately noticeable external change is the sleek four-arm crankset.

The brakes have also had an overhaul, and the calipers now feature an extra pivot.

Official details on the new group have been thin on the ground, but given the ‘finished’ look of Stannard’s components we can assume that they must be nearly ready to release to consumers.

  • Terry C Martin

    Shimano patented a 14 speed cassette system using a radical chain design in 1999, so they still have a room to move.

  • Tim Booth

    Cant agree more. Ever since they put the crank arm off-centre on the AX range, they have made hideous chain sets. Always liked their mechs though.

  • Crydda

    I thought it was just me, but I also think that Shimano chainsets can ruin the look of the most beautiful of bikes.

  • Mick Ballard

    Stephen,a bit strong!

    With all the resources and experience that Shimano have its extraordinary that the chainsets(and other bits) never look right but people seem to swear by what they produce

  • stephen

    Nice to see that Shimano have made the ugliest chainset in the world once again!