The Wide Path Camper answers the question that few people ever asked: can I tow a caravan with my bike?

Going on caravanning holidays used to be seen a being pretty uncool; but not any more!*

The Wide Path Camper gives you all the freedom of a camping trip by providing a small caravan that you can tow with your bike.

It looks pretty laborious, towing a van behind you, especially if your playground is the French Alps, but imagine how cool it would be to just stop for a kip half way up Mont Ventoux?

Weighing in at just four kilograms the camper is long enough for you to sleep in, spacious enough for two people to sit inside (if you pack the bed away) and enough room for you to carry all your spare inner tubes, tyres and clothes.

You could go on holiday here! (Photo: Facebook/Widepathcamper)

You could go on holiday here! (Photo: Facebook/Widepathcamper)

The only question is: where do you put your bike when you’re asleep? Park up your £11,000 Trek Emonda on a dodgy European campsite while you grab 40 winks and you’ll end up pulling the camper home by hand.

Oh, and it costs $2,500 (£1,700), but if you pre-order it now you’ll have it in time for July. So cancel your Caribbean holiday and treat your partner to a Wide Path Camper this summer instead.

(Photo: Facebook/Widepathcamper)

(Photo: Facebook/Widepathcamper)

*It probably still is uncool.

  • I thought that this was an April fool, until I saw it was posted yesterday…

  • Mark Jones

    I used to dream of towing a caravan around on my bike, then again I was 8 or 9 at the time!!

  • Derek Biggerstaff

    If it’s not an April Fool it should be. First LGV that passes would blow you off the road surely??

  • Xerman

    Its 45 kg, not 4

    Size when transported: 99 x 130 cm Size when camping: 99 x 260 cm
    Height inside: 130 cm
    Weight: 45 kg

  • David Chadderton

    A neat April Fool joke, ha, ha.

  • John Samuel αΩ

    Very nice. No heavier than hauling around a couple kids, which a lot of people do anyway.

  • Earl

    Too heavy 45 kg and a strong wind would make hauling that a bitch.

  • Tim Fearn

    “Weighing in at just 4kg”?

    If only. According to the website it’s a substantially heavier 45kg. Not sure I’d fancy trying to pedal three quarters of my body weight around.