The place for everyone hunting a segment title


Strava addict? King of the Mountains hunter? Find yourself endlessly competing against your friends for virtual crowns? Then the ‘KOM Club’ could be the best place to get your next fix.

By becoming a member of the KOM Club you can keep up to date with all the ‘secret’ challenges on Strava at any time and, for those with a competitive streak you can compare how your collection of KOM/QOM titles matches up with other KOM Club members.

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The KOM Club was created by Strava users, James Dobson of From the Sticks and Rick Harris of, for Strava members. 

KOM Club

Despite its name, the KOM Club’s initial raison d’être was simply to track the various ‘secret’ challenges on Strava.

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Dobson explained: “Initially we were finding a lot of hidden competitions/badges [on Strava] using software we had already developed for another of our websites so used KOM Club as a way of keeping track of these as they weren’t being published on the Strava site.”

But fuelled by competition and rivalry in the office, the KOM Club transformed into its current guise.

“We then started looking into what data was available via the Strava API and created an inter-office KOM league table,” Dobson added. “This quickly developed into the site as you see it today.”

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Arguably the KOM Club’s stand out feature is the league tables. When you sign up the site acquires from Strava details of your number of KOMs/QOMs and the segments they apply to.

From this you’ll be included in the league tables – you’ll be able to compare yourself to the other 5,000 members and see that your number of crowns is substantially lower than the current table toppers – more than 1,500 KOMs and 1,900 QOMs.

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In addition to the league tables, a neat function is the ‘heat map,’ which maps out the location of your various titles.

For the many that are yet to acquire a KOM/QOM, or have no inclination to do so, as well as the consolidating of the ‘secret’ challenges, in the pipe-line is the ‘segment hunter’.

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The idea is that it will help KOM Club members select potential KOM segments. In theory, this will work by looking at where and how well you’re riding, allowing everyone the best opportunity to get themselves a title.

“By looking at segments that a user has ridden the segment hunter will flag up those which the user could potentially take the KOM based on location and performance,” said Dobson.

Fancy a go? For more information, and to join the KOM Club, go to or follow @KomClub on Twitter.

  • Emerging66

    The issue is not the accuracy but the “doping”! I have been told there are people ready to do anything to scoop a KOM, from intervening ex post on the files to using electric bikes. Absurd.

  • ummm…

    i have a wireless bike computer. u know of the cat eye variety. haven’t changed the batteries in months so I cant really test accuracy that way either.

  • joerockbottom

    True, and most riders are not on Strava, so you are only comparing to an unknown fraction of riders. and you dont know the condtiions – hot, cold, tailwind, headwind, group, solo etc. But for those on it, it can be fun to compare and compete within your own group.

  • joerockbottom

    You can get a distance sensor to add to the computer for accuracy. For me it is not that important (At 60 I’ll never have those KOM’s – so for me it is for my own use in training. It is close enough to show me how I am improving thru the year.

  • J1

    Sadly, a lot of people think Strava and KOMs are the most important thing ever. The leaderboards means nothing, there’s so much variation from one setup to the next with things like speed/cadence sensors, GPS tracking, power meters, etc.
    I’ve said it before, if you want to find out how fast you are, go race.

  • ummm…

    how accurate is strava really? i dont really trust the KOM QOM stuff when it gets down to the second/millisecond. It has glitched out on me and added miles to my ride. several times I have ridden from my apt to my office directly through central park on a straight line. i can guarantee that this is not the case. annyyywaaaayyyy, who cares