Since we broke the story on the prototype bike to be ridden by Specialized’s sponsored teams at Paris-Roubaix, a few more details have come out and we had plenty of time to study the bike as Tom Boonen rode the bike alone for 53 kilometres to win the Hell of the North in a solo break.

The usual lighter, stiffer claims have been made, along with an indication that a few will become available to the public post show season in the autumn. However, the most interest has been around the new rear stay design.

The Zerts inserts have got smaller over the years since the Roubaix’s original launch but this bike sees them gain substantially in scale. The larger surface contact area is said to improve the vibration absorption.

Rolf Aldag – ex Highroad directeur sportif and now technical liaison to the Omega Pharma-QuickStep team – explained it like this, “…on the cobbles it’s like a guitar string, the frame here sways with the hitting of the stones. With these rubber parts the swaying is less”.

The larger Zerts will add weight so, they must do something right!

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  • Olivia

    That bike surely is way too small for him and He does look too big. Specialized Fietsen

  • Paul Jakma

    It’s not the camera lens that has left no clearance between his knees and elbows when on the drops…. That bike surely is way too small for him?

  • adam

    All well and good, but for my money bikes still need to look pretty… and this looks ugly!

  • Harold

    He does look too big. Nice wide angled lens shot though. The bike he’s riding looks different to the one he’s holding and in the shots – logos, Zerts, bar tape, stem, sticker on the top tube near the stem. Probably one of a few bikes used or available on the day.

  • Ken Evans

    “Am I the only person who thinks Boonen looks too big for his bike?”

    The camera lens has distorted the photo.

    But no mitts on cObbLeS is impressive !

  • Pete

    Am I the only person who thinks Boonen looks too big for his bike?