GPS giant acquires company that makes two-way satellite communication devices

You know your Garmin Edge 1000 that’s almost the same size as your phone. Well soon it could replace your phone altogether, as Garmin could well be looking to incorporate satellite text messaging into the next version of its flagship product.

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This is after the GPS giant bought American company DeLorme, which specialises in producing satellite tracking devices that are also capable of two-way communication. And in the announcement of the acquisition, Garmin wasn’t holding its cards close to its chest when talking about the reason for the move.

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“DeLorme is a respected brand with exciting products and technologies that are a natural fit in the Garmin portfolio,” said Cliff Pemble, Garmin’s president and CEO, with DeLorme’s inReach range of products singled out for particular praise.

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“One of the most compelling products in the DeLorme portfolio is its inReach series of two-way satellite communication devices. These GPS-enabled devices allow the user to send and receive satellite text messages or trigger an SOS for emergency help, anywhere in the world.”

It doesn’t take a huge leap of the imagination to see what Garmin is trying to get out of this acquisition, and although the company’s marine, outdoor, and fitness products could also be ripe for integration with satellite text messaging, the Edge range of cycling products could well be targetted too, removing some of the need to connect with your smartphone through Bluetooth.

  • Chris

    Defeats the object of cycling! Who is going to be sending you messages; the wife, the bank manager or the boss?

  • highrouleur

    be home in 10, scrub that, can you pick me up from a&e, I wasn’t looking where I was going

  • ridein

    Phones would still have more capability overall although missing Garmins elevation detailed info

  • P S

    My phone does that!