Andre Greipel put out over 1000W as he jumped away from the peloton at the Tour of Flanders and the rest of his numbers are just as impressive

It’s no secret that Andre Greipel is one of the most powerful riders in the peloton, but his numbers from Sunday’s Tour of Flanders are pretty remarkable.

At one point, when he accelerated away from the peloton to join the breakaway riders, the German sprinter topped out at a massive 1248W according to his SRM power file, released by Training Peaks.

But it wasn’t just that one acceleration that characterised Greipel’s ride, but how he hauled his huge frame up the numerous cobbled climbs.

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His data shows he churned out 391W for 20 minutes as he chased down the leaders at the 155km mark of the race. Leading the race up the Koppenberg, he averaged 501W for 2-22, turning the pedals at 68rpm.

Then, when he reached the finish line (crossing the line in 28th place), he set his peak two-second power value, cranking out a huge 1613W, which equates to 19.4w/kg.

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According to Alexander Kristoff’s trainer Soren Orn, the Katusha rider put out 1200W in his sprint for fourth place and averaged over 460W for well over an hour during the race.

But perhaps the most impressive statistic of them all, though, is that Greipel rode at 89 per cent of his one-hour max for over six hours in the race.

Reckon you could do that?

  • Stevo

    Is it nit-picking to expect a cycling journalist to know something about cycling and to have a basic command of English? I think not.

  • J1

    “Greipel rode at 89 per cent of his one-hour max for over six hours in the race.”

    That’s just regular racing. It’s not a leisurely spin.

  • Dan Robertson

    I suspect some kidology from Kristoffs trainer. He’s a pretty decent time trialist but he’s in the region of 1-2 minutes down over an hour on Wiggins/Martin and no bigger/heavier.

    The top TT guys put out around 460w for a one hour TT, that would put Kristoff at around 420-430 ftp.

    I suspect if you normalised his power over 5 or 10 minute segments he may have had 12-6 segments over 460w.

  • David Weavers

    I agree. Lee would probably have written a better article than the one above.

    They should’ve got Hutch to write the article if they wanted some decent commentary on a Pros power data.

  • Catflap Jones

    Based on the link to Kristof’s trainer’s comments, Alexander should bin Roubaix on Sunday and do the hour record instead. I’m surprised he didn’t win Flanders solo, 460W for well over an hour would have easily done that. Greipel’s numbers look bang on the money for his peer group. The ‘ridiculous’ 1600W peak on a sprint is also not that surprising, that’s top end for an elite road sprinter, not even close to the best track sprinters. Of course, they don’t have to pedal for 250km first or climb anything other than banking…

  • Lee Wingate

    not nit-picking…. just setting the power figures in context that’s all. Trust me, if i could ride more I would!

  • Myles Mc Corry

    fecking nit pickers need to bike more. Super article informing us of the power behind the aggressive riding of AG.

  • John Westwell

    I think the headline uses ‘ridiculous’ as a synonym for ‘amazing’.

  • Martin P. Hoff

    My exact same thoughts. “Ridiculous” is an excessive description. As the “heaviest” guy in the peloton at 80kg, Greipel will also mash out higher absolute watt-numbers than the average pro.

  • Odd Bloke

    Wow! You’re really really clever. Maybe you should become a cycling journalist?

  • Lee Wingate

    Unsure of the authors knowledge of power. but the figures are wouldn’t be considered ridiculous for a pro-rider.

    Most Cat2-3 riders should be able to fairly easily knock out 1000w sprint!! the difference being Griepal and other pro’s can do that during a 270km+ race. The top time triallists in the world can hold just over 400+w for an hour!

    Impressive compared to the weekend warrior world yes, but not for a pro. This is where a poor article with headline grabbing “ridiculous”, can develop its own legs for those not that familiar with power figures and what can/cant realistically be developed.

    kudos though to Greipel for releasing power data and also other pro’s who upload onto Strava. “journalists” just need to catch up with slightly better analysis of the data!