Giro d’Italia 2012: Stage 3
When: Monday, May 7
From: Horsens, Denmark
To: Horsens, Denmark
Length: 190km

The second road stage of the 2012 Giro d’Italia is the last day in host country Denmark before the riders pack up and move on to Italy on Wednesday.

Stage three’s profile is very similar to the prevous day’s terrain – largely flat, coastal and almost bound to end up in a bunch gallop between the fastmen.

The riders won’t be holding back, there’s a rest day the following day during which the squads will travel to Verona for the team time trial stage and a likely change in overall leader.

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  • dai bananas brother

    That commentator bloke yesterday , ‘I’ll stick my neck out and pick Theo Bos for this one’, he says. Half a kilometre later, there’s the said Dutchman smacked up against a barrier. Talk about the kiss of death. Dai’s missus split her sides. but hopes he not too grazed

  • Paul Worts

    Everthing in it Weekly