Drinks giant Coca Cola has been linked to a post-London 2012 Olympic Games branding of the velodrome.

Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA) is currently seeking partners to support the legacy cycling venue after the Games this summer, according to a report in Marketing.

Coca Cola has already held a licensing event at the venue for 3,000 of its employees in January and has ‘made the association between the brand and the velodrome’ according to LVRPA chief executive Shaun Dawson.

Any successful sponsor of the indoor cycling venue would lend its name to the iconic building, much in the same way as the O2 Arena or the Reebok Stadium.

The velodrome will be part of a large VeloPark legacy venue, which will also include a road circuit, mountain bike trail and a BMX circuit.

The Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC) is responsible for turning Olympic venues into legacy venues, and is due to hand over the VeloPark to LVRPA in late 2013.

Both the OPLC and Coca Cola declined to comment on any association.

The distinctive velodrome has been nicknamed the ‘Pringle’ due to its potato-based snack shaped roofline. Perhaps the crisp manufacturer should put in an official bid.  

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  • paul

    in bed with the devil?

  • Mike

    What happened to the claim that all of Britain would gain from the Olympics, not just London?

    Why is an American company going to gain huge publicity from sponsoring the venue? I am sure the powers that be could find a British company to sponsor the venue and also gain form the publicity.
    I also notice that most of the “Official” foods, beverages etc for the games themselves have been given to mostly American junk food giants (pun def intended). Its the same old story. Money swears, and the british manufacturers who could have gained enormously from this global event, and posibly lead to more employment prospects, will be overlooked for a quick buck.
    Seb Coe, you should hang your head in shame along with the other so called organisers.

  • Ken Evans

    Presumably C-C want to tie up the drinks supply at the velodrome and other Olympic venues.

    Beware of signing contracts, read all the clauses !

  • JonnyM

    Great! A company that produces a beverage linked with obesity and tooth decay is clambering all over one of the greatest Olympic legacies ever for the UK. Is this really the best we can do?