We asked you what you thought about Sir Bradley Wiggins' absence from Team Sky's 2014 Tour de France roster

Team Sky announced its line-up for the 2014 Tour de France on Friday morning, and 2012 winner Sir Bradley Wiggins was not one of the names on the list.

There’s no doubt that Wiggins is Britain’s most recognisable road rider. Arguably, he’s also the nation’s most popular one. On top of all his other results on the track and road, his gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics time trial elevated him to household-name status.

Many were looking forward to witnessing the spectacle of Wiggins and 2013 Tour winner Chris Froome on British roads when the Grand Depart takes place in Leeds, Yorkshire, on Saturday July 5. Two British Tour winners starting the race on home soil – something that would have been a once-in-a-lifetime event.

For others, Wiggins would be ‘dead weight’ among Sky’s Tour team, designed to be a finely-honed winning machine. The past animosity between Froome and Wiggins has been widely documented, and speculation is rife that it would be a management headache and detract from the team’s functioning as a unit.

We asked you via Twitter what you thought of Wiggins’ non-inclusion in this year’s Tour, and here are a selection of your responses:



  • Mister Chow

    Cycling weekly removed my reply. Was this censorship because I mentioned that Brits treated Froome like a non-Brit because he does not keep on having tantrums like Wiggo. perhaps Wiggo’s fame got to his head. Just like Murray, Rooney, Beckham!

  • PocketRocket

    Good point – Froome is just as much a ‘prima-donna’ as Brad can be – only in a quieter [sneakier?] way.
    Brailsford has continually chickened-out on managing his 2 stars for the benefit of a joint team – good job he doesn’t appear to have any ambitions to lead a premiership soccer club, or international squad in any other team-sport for that matter.

  • Pee Bee

    Sir Dave Brailsford has said that he does not make dicisions based on emotional points of view. However, that is exactly what he has done as he has allowed Chris Froome’s tantrums to dictate team selection by leaving out Wiggo incase he upsets Froome.

  • saddle sore

    Team Sky have dropped the ball with this one. Brit team only three brits chosen for tour team? What more did swifty have to do this year. Ageing team this year.

  • John Senior

    My hope is it doesn’t come back to haunt the selectors by leaving out Britains best.

  • David chadderton

    We have moved on from the era when one rider can dominate Le Tour for 5+ years. That is a relief. The race is more open with many new young riders coming to the fore, as they should. Does anyone really want to see the same rider win every Tour for several years? Especially when such dominance is artificially supported? I doubt it. Let’s enjoy fresh faces winning by genuine effort and good teamwork. Vive Le Tour.

  • Texas Roadhouse

    Wiggins himself has stated the team selection is probably the strongest – and with his crash in the TdSuisse, his preparations must have been compromised. Team Sky aren’t Team GB, so there’s no reason to include British riders just because of their nationality. However, I was concerned that Froome lost so much time at the end of the Dauphine – I wonder whether he’s quite as ready as the teams suggests. We shall see.

  • lee

    Doesnt make any difference whether he’s in or out. Le Tour is Le Tour and that’s larger than a single rider.

    Team Sky – they are in it to win, why have more british riders if others on the roster are better. Just the way it is, they are not a development outfit.

    Wiggo is not in because, I suspect, his temperament and given the mountainous parcours and only one long TT, Froome has more chance of defending his title from last year. Wiggo is not an explosive climber, which this edition of Le Tour requires. The fact it is in Britain is a side issue if your looking to win the GC.