When Mark Cavendish won on the Champs-Elysèes on Sunday, he pulled level with the great Belgian Freddy Maertens in the all-time list of Tour de France stage winners.

The sprinter from the Isle of Man rode his first Tour in 2007, won his first stage in Châteauroux in 2008. Earlier in this Tour he levelled and then overtook his mentor, the German Erik Zabel, as well as Mario Cipollini and Robbie McEwen – the modern greats who each had 12 wins. Sunday’s comfortable victory on the Champs Élysées in Paris was his 15th Tour stage win.

That puts him equal 12th in the list of all-time stage winners. Eddy Merckx holds the record with 34 stage wins. If you take into account only post-war stage wins, Cavendish is equal sixth with Maertens. And he’s still only 25…

Does not include team time trials
1. Eddy Merckx (Belgium) 34 stage wins 1969-1975
2. Bernard Hinault (France) 28 1978-1986
3. André Leducq (France) 25 1927-1938
4= André Darrigade (France) 22 1953-1964
4= Lance Armstrong (USA) 22 1993-2005
6. Nicolas Frantz (Luxembourg) 20 1924-1929
7. François Faber (Luxembourg) 19 1908-1914
8. Jean Alavoine (France) 17 1909-1923
9= Charles Pelissier (France) 16 1929-1935
9= René Le Greves (France) 16 1933-1939
9= Jacques Anquetil (France) 16 1957-1964
12= Freddy Maertens (Belgium) 15 1976-1981
12= Mark Cavendish (Great Britain) 15 2008-2010

Does not include team time trials
1. Eddy Merckx (Belgium) 34 stage wins 1969-1975
2. Bernard Hinault (France) 28 1978-1986
3= André Darrigade (France) 22 1953-1964
3= Lance Armstrong (USA) 22 1993-2005
5. Jacques Anquetil (France) 16 1957-1964
6= Freddy Maertens (Belgium) 15 1976-1981
6= Mark Cavendish (Great Britain) 15 2008-2010

NOTE: Some records, including Wikipedia, credit Nicolas Frantz with 25 stage wins. This is incorrect, Frantz won 20.

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  • Mike

    With respect Hadyn Bosher ,Cav can only beat who is in the race, what do you want him to do, retire untill Boasen Hagen is a bit older?
    I agree with the SKY criticism. They were the invisible team and very dissapointing. It was fairly obvious, even from his poor prologue performance, that Brad was not in his 09 shape. It would have been nice to see a SKY jersey in the break and going for a solo win.

  • John Dee

    There is no question that Mark Cavendish is possibly THE greatest sprinter in living memory. Witness the final satge of this years Tour and try to recall anyone who has ever opened up such a gap in such a distance to the line. Mark deserves everyones congratulations. Of course there will always be the knockers and ill informed but they clearly will know little of how the world of the sprinter operates.

    As for Team Sky – how on earth could they attract Cavendish? For my money the team name is appropriate because they’re up in the clouds and no on the ground dealing with reality. Look at Quick Step and the amount of effort they made every day to have 1 or 2 men in a move and as for Sylvan C – all I can say is it’s a pity the Sky boys didn’t follow his example!

  • george

    Cav you could have so easily won the green jersey if you had not have sat up during some of the earlier stages. A couple of cheely intermediate sprints as well.

  • arronski

    So fast , he must break all the records soon and he’s got about 15 years left if he stays fit!

  • Joseph MELI

    WEll done to Mark Cavendish, as Champion in Tour de France 2010.

  • David Radcliffe in Southport

    Well done, Mark! You have really put Manx cycling on the map. I hope to see you in green on the Champs Elysees next year.

  • Karel Bielstein

    Congratulations Mark!!! You are the best sprinter!

  • Steve F

    Don’t complain about Wikipedia being wrong because you can go and edit it if you know better.

  • Hadyn Bosher @ 77in Thailand

    With due respect to Cav most of his rivals are near retirement,and he just starting out, he’s very lucky in that way!! as for joining Sky,they want aG.C condender.so they say,not a green jersey,can’t do both!!!!