Chris Froome will target both the Tour de France and Olympic Games time trial glory in 2016, and won't rule out the Rio road race as well

Chris Froome won’t be content with simply defending his Tour de France title in 2016 – the Brit has his eyes on Olympic glory as well.

Having won a bronze medal in the time trial at the London 2012 Games, Froome is hoping to make the leap to the top step to win gold against the clock in Rio next August.

Froome will have 17 days between the final stage of the Tour de France on July 24 and the Rio time trial on August 10 – almost double the time riders had between the two in 2012.

And with parcours in Rio that will suit his strengths, Froome isn’t ruling out having a crack at winning the road race as well as the time trial.

“It’s going to be an exciting year, that’s for sure,” he said in an interview with Sky Sports News. “The main focus for me is going to be the Tour de France again, but just on the back of the Tour de France, we have got the Olympic road race over in Rio, and a few days following that, potentially the Olympic time trial is also on the cards.

“Both the road race and the time trial do suit me very well. The time trial has over 1,000m of climbing in it, so it’s going to be a tough time trial. I think it’s over 50km, so for an individual time trial, that is a long event.

“Given the road race is over 250km, I think, with close to 5,000m of climbing, that’s a tough race – really tough race – and if the form is still good come the end of the Tour de France, hopefully I’ll be up for a shot at the road race.

“That’s a massive goal to set and I think I’m just going to have to take each event as it comes, but it’s exciting. It’s really exciting.”

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  • Colbw

    He wants it all Froome doesn’t he, jeez. I just can’t warm to the guy, great rider I can’t deny it, but he is ruthless in his ambition, think he has forgot that GB has only qualified one place for the time trial in Rio so guess that means the national and commonwealth champion Dowsett doesn’t get a look in for that event, as for the Olympic Road Race, Geraint Thomas, one of GB’s best one day riders, who has targeted the road race and whose improved climbing has also shown he could be a GT contender next year may aswell put his ambitions on the shelf. Froome has shown no real form in time trials since 2013, he also doesn’t have one notable one day result so for him to brashly target all 3 is a bit of a cheek, maybe if he bothers to leave Monaco for once and takes part in his national championship tt and road race and beats his GB teammates, you could say he has earned his place.

  • Aurelio

    Froome is an amazing GT rider and a world class Time Trialist, but he is not good in one day races. The Olympics road race is a hard one and suits his skills, but he will have only 4 riders with him. I don´t think Team GB would control the race like Sky does when he is winning mountain stages at the Tour. But a Tour/TT gold double is very possible.
    The only thing that I want from the road race is an worthy champion like we had in Samuel Sanches and Paolo Bettini, not a guy like Vino.

  • J1

    He’s probably better going for the TT, he would need Team Sky around him to challenge for gold in the road race.

  • Edvid

    It is possible that Froome will win one of those races, or perhaps even emulate the Wiggo double if everything comes together like it did in 2012 – but winning all three?! Not happening.

    All the top-tier Grand Tour competitors will certainly hope to be at the sharp end of the TdF/Olympic battle next year, just like in 2000.