Team Sky rider was knocked off the road on the descent of the Col de Manse by Giant-Alpecin's Warren Barguil

Geraint Thomas’s Tour de France campaign looked like it was over after the Team Sky rider took a nasty-looking tumble on the descent of the Col de Manse on stage 16.

Giant-Alpecin’s Warren Barguil slammed into the side of the Welshman after losing control on  a right-hand bend, forcing Thomas off the road and into a telegraph pole.

The race leaders were pushing the pace on the technical descent as they chased Vincenzo Nibali, who attacked over the summit of the climb.

It looked like a serious crash, but Thomas was able to get back on his bike and complete the stage. He lost less than a minute to the group of his teammate and race leader Chris Froome, which also contained Alberto Contador (Tinkoff-Saxo), Nairo Quintana (Movistar) and Alejandro Valverde (Movistar).

Young Frenchman Barguil, who managed to stay upright in the incident, reportedly apologised to Thomas for the incident after the stage, which was won by Ruben Plaza (Lampre-Merida) from a breakaway and saw Peter Sagan (Tinkoff-Saxo) take another second place at this Tour.

The descent from the Col de Manse has featured prominently in Tour de France history, with Contador crashing there in 2013 as he tried to put time in to race leader Froome.

  • Desbil

    What a cowardly act by the French rider.He did not even bother to stop for a moment and take a look where Thomas was thrown .
    Afterwards,while winding down on a bike, he unabashedly blamed Thomas for the incident.What a jerk!

  • Chris Beazer

    I presume to tried the same actions with a helmet to prove your point?

  • NitroFan

    Not sure I entirely agree with that interpretation of events. But surely side by side at that point approaching a corner is a no no?

  • NitroFan


  • NitroFan

    A telegraph pole that can withstand being hit by a flying Dragon is a sturdy telegraph pole. Glad G is OK amazed he lost so little time. Even if Barguil was barged by TJ (and watching the video he certainly appears to do so) what on earth was he doing in that position? Not very professional by either party, fortunatly no serious injury but a technical decent is no place for recklessnes one day someone will get killed.

  • bruce

    Spitting, punching, urine, now the Frogs are trying to take Sky riders out. Too obvious to attack Froome, so take out his wing man. The cheese-eating surrender monkyes can’t even get that right.

  • Andrew Gent

    Ouch. Thank God for helmets. I hit my head ages 13 on a concrete pole with no helmet. Brokne collarbone, fractured skull, ripped my ear off, 30 stitches, lost a pint of blood and I can’t hear properly.

  • TrevorHoldsworth

    Barguil was going far too fast. End of story. Also, he did look back at Thomas, but carried on. A double ‘dislike’ from me .

  • Charlie

    How come? If you are shoved offline doing about 50k how did Teejay have nothing to do with it? Chain reaction springs to mind! Fortunately G isn’t hurt and has a sense of humour about it!

  • dourscot

    Memo to Barguil – you are not Peter Sagan and need to ride within your skill level.

  • dourscot

    Tejay’s ‘shove’ had nothing to do wit it – it was just dodgy riding

  • Stevie

    TVG went shoulder to shoulder with him but it looks like he kinda suicided around the corner instead of braking and working his way back towards the front again.

    with the Beloki wasn’t that the corner where the telegraph pole was on the inside of the road? couple of turns after.

  • dourscot

    Difficult or not, you should ride more carefully when you’re in a group. Poor riding skills from Barguil.

  • Charlie

    I saw that too, TJ definitely pushed Barguil offline. It happens every year it’s used, very technical descent.

  • Charlie

    Did any of you not see TJ bumped into Barguil, then Barguil into G, they build them tough in Wales, that’s for sure!

  • PaulSMG

    He miscalculated and he couldn’t turn that’s all (I think he did brake late, it is an accident).

    And that curve looks pretty difficult, in fact I think is the same one Beloki had a serious accident in 2003 (or very close).

  • Brian O’Neill

    Yes, but it helps if you take the correct line and not charge up the inside with no chance of making the turn. Anyway i’ve already said it looks like Tejay gave him a shove so perhaps not his fault.

  • Stevie

    Problems yes, forgetting to turn all together… not so much.

  • PaulSMG

    What? Ha ha ha.

  • PaulSMG

    Nonsense! A lot of riders had problems at that specific curve.

  • Brian O’Neill

    Looks like Barguil got a bump from Van garderen which sent him down the inside, so maybe not his fault. Although what two guys were doing shoulder to shoulder on a tricky descent is another question!

  • Richard Denham

    Either Barguil should at be penalised the same amount of time that Thomas lost, if not even more or Thomas should get the same finish time of Barguil – there’s bonus points/time for a win, what about penalty points/time for causing a crash…

  • Brian O’Neill

    Pretty reckless from Barguil. Everyone else following the wheel and he comes on the inside out of control. Maybe he was aiming from Froome and mistimed it!

  • Alan

    I reckon those French telegraph poles are not as rufty-tufty as they make out. Brilliant response from G, though, to lose so few seconds.

  • Jsmith

    Even if you are a telegraph pole, don’t pick a fight with G. He’s one tough cookie. Well done Geraint.

  • Barguil didn’t even look back 🙁