No extra cycle provision on trains during Tour de France's visit to Yorkshire this July, despite three million expected visitors

Don’t take your bike on the train to watch the Tour de France in Yorkshire.

Train companies operating in the area have said that extra provision for cyclists across the Grand Depart weekend of July 5 and 6 will not be provided, despite up to three million fans visiting the county to watch the race.

Cycle storage is minimal on Northern Rail and Grand Central trains and both companies have insisted that no additional cycle carriages will be added. Moreover reservation of cycle spaces is not permitted.

FirstTransPennine Express has said that “cycle carriage is not advised due to the busy nature of the event, stations and services”.

There will, though, be extra train services operating throughout the weekend to accommodate the number of visitors, while disruptions will be kept to a minimum with planned engineering works suspended.

Words by Chris Marshall-Bell

  • poisonjunction

    Answer – tell them their contracts will not be renewed unless adequate provision for cycles is made!

    They put special trains on when Footer teams merely play away .. and in the past suffered when ‘fans’ almost destroyed rolling stock, until alcohol was banned or confiscated at embarking stations … !

    So whats the problem, why single out the 2014 Yorkshire start of the biggest Annual International Cycling Event …. the World renowned Tour of France?

    It will be watched on TV by Millions of people, throughout the World, in hundreds of Countries, on all the Continents.

    Its NOT a footer match watched in local working mens clubs, and street corner pubs, for three hours on a Saturday afternoon, its a three week long experience, with competitors covering upwards of 3,000 miles?

    Why discriminate against foreign visitors, who face a UK round trip approaching 600 miles, with NO rail accommodation for cycles!!

    How simple a job is it, to add suitable van’s or designated cycle passenger carriage’s [with seating removed/unbolted], to a train?

    NOT a good advertisement for rail travel in the British Isles ,,

    Wait till the EU hear about it – you won’t know what’s hit you!!