Jens Voigt has issued a video message to his fans thanking them for all of their support and good wishes after his crash on stage 16 of this year’s Tour de France.

The video was recorded in the hospital where Jens is recovering from the injuries he sustained after losing control of his bike on the descent of Col du Petit Saint Bernard in the final week of the Tour. The extent of Voigt’s injuries can be clearly seen in the clip.

“Hello, it’s me,” Voigt says in the video. “It’s Jens, and I’m still alive… to the surprise of some people.”

“Thanks for the support you gave me, thanks for the millions of letters. I’m doing better than expected. And I will be back riding soon.”

Millions of television viewers witnessed the crash on live television. The German Saxo Bank rider lay unconscious on the road after the incident and was taken to Grenoble hospital where it was discovered that he had fractured his cheekbone as well as suffering from severe cuts and concussion.

Voigt expressed his regrets at missing the Tour of Denmark (July 29-August 2), but hinted that if his recovery goes well he may ride in the Tour of Ireland on August 21-23, 2009.

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  • Jorge

    Jens, I was watching the stage live here in New Zealand, it was a horrible crash, even for me was harder to concentrate after seeing you going down the way you did, painfull, I just wanted to know that you are ok. You are great champion, like me, there are many Jens fans all over the world, people that you will never meet but we all want you to get better.

    All the best and have a good recovery

    New Zealand

  • Michael from NY

    Wishing you a speedy recovery. You are one tough guy. God bless and good luck.


  • Harry Vogal

    Jens is the best -I wish more of the pro-pelton could be like him.

  • Adam Monaghan

    Best wishes to you Jens. Hope to see you back riding again ASAP.

  • Jen

    Jens is the top tough guy; plus smart, loyal, funny, honest, a real role model, widely admired and respected.
    Very best wishes for a speedy recovery, and to be dishing out the pain again soon.

  • RexS

    Good to see Jens on the mend after such a horrific crash.

    Jens is one of the top tough men of the peleton.

  • kim kiunke

    Get well soon America loves you!

  • mak

    I was hoping to try to catch the Tour of Ireland as not often LA so close, and Cav, however seeing Jens would be a huge motivation to go…what a man!

  • Laura

    You are a tough man! We are all glad you are recovering and will keep you in our prayers. We missed you in the Peleton – you keep the race exciting – but don’t scare us like that anymore!

  • Mike

    His video just proves what a top guy and a great role model Jens is.
    Respect, and a quick recovery, cycling cant have enough guys like Jens.