SweetSpot will continue to organise the Tour of Britain through to 2018, British Cycling announced today.

BC put the delivery contract of the event out to tender last December, with president Brian Cookson saying at the time that “it’s important that we take a fresh look at how the Tour of Britain can deliver continued growth and profile for the sport”.

Having run the national tour since its return in 2004, SweetSpot has been tasked with developing the race to become a more high-profile and better-ranked event on the cycling calendar.

The eight-day event is currently ranked at the 2.1 level, however as part of their new five-year contract, they have been charged with obtaining hors catégorie status, which would put it on a par with the Tour of California.

Mick Bennett, Director of Cycling at Sweetspot, said: “We are simply thrilled to be reappointed as British Cycling’s delivery partner for the Tour of Britain for another five years.

“We are proud of the work we have done over the last 10 years in making the Tour of Britain the event it is today and I look forward to working closely with British Cycling to deliver an even brighter future for the race.” 

Tour de France organiser ASO were also a candidate during the tender process, however Cycling Weekly understands that Giro d’Italia owner RCS Sport failed to submit their application.

This year’s Tour of Britain starts in Peebles on September 15, and ends in London a week later. Sir Bradley Wiggins, Mark Cavendish and Nairo Quintana are expected to compete.

British Cycling director of Cyclesport and Membership, Jonny Clay, said: “At the start of this process, we wanted to ensure we got the best possible deal for Britain’s cycling fans, to put in place a structure which would help the Tour of Britain graduate into the top division of the global cycling calendar. Of the many responses we received, SweetSpot best demonstrated an understanding of our desire for integrated activity and the strong relationship we would like our national tour to have with our wider programmes and initiatives.
“We’re confident the new commitment made by SweetSpot to grow the event’s stature and reputation, as well as the promise to raise standards in many areas, will deliver what fans of the sport want to see from our national tour in the future.
“The agreement sets out clear objectives for SweetSpot including the attainment of HC status for the race, a milestone that along with other improvements will help to encourage the participation of the very best teams and riders in the world.”

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  • Hadyn Bosher

    That’s right Ken,Maybe like you!!,i’ve seen them all. Brighton – Glasgow, Daily Express T.O B,.Milk Race,and the last two attempts at a proper T. O .B.and i know it’s very difficult with traffic restanrictions many transfers and the like,and the clash with the Vuelta is a problem.and surely it deserves a higher cat. than Beijing,Qatar etc etc.U.C I and the LIKE!! must have received a nice present for that i would think!! I”m in Thailand, and if you have money,you can get “anything you want”,goes for all of Asia??? I remember you “from the good old days.”nice to see your name,have a nice day. Hadyn.

  • Ken Evans

    ToB needs a tough route, with a good TT, and plenty of hills, to make good TV, (and maybe a UK winner, like Froome or Wiggins). Some of the finishes like Stoke have been poor. Last year there were some huge crowds to see JTL win, but the race lacked the feel of a really top event, with star riders racing hard. The calendar timing can clash with other races, such as the Vuelta. Some riders only use it to prepare for the Worlds.

  • Mark Jones

    Very pleased for Sweetspot after all the work they’ve done so far getting the race to where it is now and it would have been a shame for someone like ASO to take it on to the next level when they were so close. I hope they can get HC status as the race deserves it and then hopefully they go on and build the race to 10+ days. Add 3-4 more stages to this year’s race taking in a few cities like Edinburgh, Leeds, York and Oxford and some more sprint stages and it would be up there as a truly great race. Now let’s hope Brian Cookson can get elected as UCI chair to help achieve this, as the race cannot afford to be handing over loads of money to the UCI.

  • Steven

    I hope it isn’t too long before the ToB is upgraded to 2.hc status, i think most people would agree its a better race than the likes of 2.hc events like Qinghai Lake, Hainan, Qatar, etc and even WT races like Beijing. unfortunately if McQuaid remains in power that upgrade will probably only happen if lots of money is handed over to the UCI.