David Brailsford called Great Britain’s performance at the World Championships in Copenhagen one of the most dominant in years. The team’s work led to the first elite men’s road race gold medal for Britain since Tom Simpson’s 46 years ago.

“Doubts? No. Not with the strength of the team, it was by far the strongest team and was one of the most dominant team performances you’ve seen at the World Championships,” said British Cycling’s performance director, Brailsford.

“It just goes to show what you can do if you are riding with the belief that you can win the race. Right from go, they took it on.”

Without radio communication from the team car as per race rules, the teams had to make on-the-road decisions. David Millar guided Great Britain and “marshalled the troops” for Cavendish’s win.

“We broke the race down into its key parts and decided who was going to work where,” Brailsford added. “Everything that’s good about Dave Millar you saw today: he didn’t panic, he was calm, he was strong… I think Mark owes him and the rest of the team a massive pat on the back.

“Of course, Mark’s got to have the legs in the end. Credit to him. Off he went and won.”

Cavendish and his seven team-mates avoided the race’s big crash with just over five laps remaining. It took out defending champion and pre-race favourite, Thor Hushovd.

Brailsford said that riding at the front all day made sure Cavendish would be kept ahead of most dangers. Ian Stannard and Geraint Thomas ushered Cavendish to the final bend, where Brailsford said that Cavendish wanted to be in 10th position.

“There’s nobody better at finding his way,” added Brailsford. Cavendish is “a natural born winner.”

Cavendish never had any doubts. “When I arrived at the hotel, he pulled me to one side, sat me down and told me he was going to win,” Brailsford said.

“It has to be his biggest win. He’s done something that very few people do. It will go down in history and puts him down as an all-time great.”

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  • Peter D.Reed

    Thank you Eurosport for providing the oportunity to see just how good Team GB can be. Its been a great week. i know at some stages some events looked a bit boring as time went by but the final results in nearly every event justified the viewers patience. As a life long clubman ( I’m 76). I have waited 46 years to see another world RR champ from GB. I do not regret one bit my weekly national lottery donations which have made this possible. I liked the way Mark spoke about how it was achieved and planned for over 3 years. And to come from the Isle of Man, where I have so many happy memories of the Manx Cycling weeks of yore, puts the icing on the cake. What a splendid unselfish group of team mates he has. I hope to be at the Olympic RR next year to see them do it again.

  • Hadyn Bosher @ 78in Thailand

    Fantastic result,and this was DEFINATELY a TEAM win,pity there’s only one gold medal as they ALL deserve one,everyone playing THEIR part.