Rapha will be the official clothing provider to Team Sky from the start of the 2013 season.

As part of a four-year deal, the London-based company will provide the leading squad with on-bike and off-bike kit, as well as riding and fan wear for leisure cyclists and fans.

Rapha will replaces Adidas as official clothing provider. This partnership will have no effect on British Cycling’s ongoing deal with the German-born clothing giant.

Rapha was founded in 2004 by Simon Mottram. Quickly developing a powerful brand image, it has become known as a high-quality cycling clothing and accessory make.

However, this signals a move in a new direction for the British company, who haven’t previously had such a strong association with international top-tier racing.

“Team Sky has achieved this year’s level of success because of a strong and steady vision to find improvement at every level to help our riders win,” team principal Dave Brailsford said in a Sky press release on Thursday morning.

“I see Rapha joining us next year as another step in that direction. They share our ambition and vision for cycling.”

Rapha has backed a leading British squad, now Rapha-Condor-Sharp, since 2008. It won’t be affected by the company’s forthcoming partnership with Team Sky.

  • Chris

    The quality of Adidas’ Team Sky replica jersey is quite poor for the price you pay.
    Rapha will hopefully produce a better quality replica…but as mentioned….I’m not looking forward to see the price tag on it.

  • Steve Colinese

    Glad I bought the iconic black/blue adidas Team Sky strip this summer, as I and many others won’t be able to afford the ridculous Rapha prices being quoted elsewhere on business internet sites. Don’t treat us like football fans please!

  • William Hirst

    Wouldn’t it be better for Rapha to spend the money on the Rapha-Condor squad so they can go pro-continental?

  • Mike

    Great to have a British company supplying a British team.

    If the Olympics in London had gone down the same route, and used British sponsors instead of American fast food giants, they could have possibly lived up to there claim that we would all gain as a nation from the Games, rather than just London.

  • Joe Allister

    Toddy – Rapha quite often make more affordable jerseys – their special edition La Doyenne Classic jersey only cost me £45.

  • Matt Gray

    I wonder how this will affect those ‘special’ skinsuits Sky riders have been wearing in TT’s, and caused controversy at the Tour. Will Rapha be able to manufacture some to the same spec?

  • Toddy

    So instead of your Sky jersey costing £70, it’ll now cost you £170 probably !
    Wonder if Sky appreciate/care that replica shirt sales will fall.
    Maybe I’m just being cycnical, but this looks like it could be one heck of a ‘marginal gain’ – from the fans pocket.
    Don’t get me wrong, I know Rapha stuff is great quality, but it has always been expensive.