A rider taking part in the Trent Valley 10-mile time trial on Sunday has died after being in collision with a heavy goods vehicle during the event.

According to a statement published by Nottinghamshire Police, a 43-year-old man died after being stuck by an HGV on the southbound carriageway of the A1 south of Blyth at approximately 8.55am on Sunday.

Although not yet confirmed by police, the rider is thought to be Andrew Ridsdale of Epsom CC.

Other riders in the event have reported that the conditions were clear and the traffic was light on the road at the time of the incident.

Nottinghamshire Police is appealing for witnesses or any information relating to the incident, phone number: 101, ext 800 2225.

  • Paul Boddy

    Sincere condolences to his family another sad day for all cyclists. This is the very reason why i stopped doing TT’s two years ago. Insufficent signage, cyclists dressed in dark coloured skin suits crouched low over their bikes with only their legs moving to attract attention, in most cases they will be on their own blending in to the surrounding environment. Sky T.V have invested enormous amounts of money in British cycling, when are we going to see it filter down to club level by way of HUGE orange coloured signs indicating the event taking place, not just one or two but 10 or 12 or as many as it takes, to make all drivers aware. How many more cyclists must we lose? Dads, moms, brothers leaving behind untold misery for years and years, and for what? Small A4 signs hiding behind long grass or a hawthorn bush? C’mon Cycling time trials and all fellow cyclists lets put an end to these tragedies. Lets change for ever the way we approach TT’s, lights , bright skin suits and a new standard for signs must be the way forward .My thoughts are with this poor mans family at this sad time

  • Liz Ward

    Rowly – what a dreadful thing to happen to you, I am sorry. Liz

  • Liz Ward

    I am the minister taking Andrew’s funeral service. Someone posted a lovely picture of Andrew in a race, on the time trialling forum (I can’t get onto that forum), is there any way I could have a copy (can’t print off in colour, it would need to be a hard copy). Also i have the funeral arrangements – March 27th 2pm Zion Baptist Church Mirfield. Please pass this on. Liz

  • Angharad

    Without knowing the facts it’s difficult to comment, but if the deceased was hit off his bike then will we see a real prosecution with real consequences for the driver, unlike the killer of Rob Jefferies, or will it be more of the same slap on the wrist stuff – it’s only a cyclist ethos.


    Absolute tragedy,when/where will it all end,Condolances to all the family….However,the A1 near Blyth,if I remember is akin to a motor way,the only difference to HGV and CAR drivers is the road signs are not in Motorway format…And the drivers drive same as on the motorways….Bikes are banned on them!…Surely in this day and age we can do without these TT,s on these roads….Ha, chasing the personals,sad state of affairs to the RTTC for allowing it to happen,in my view. I did a personnal best 10,just a vet on the Bikerstaffe course some years ago.23.48,I think,made up,first bona fide sub 24 ten.A few weeks later I bettered it at the Tarleton course,Ormskirk/Preston road,23.38,wowee,only thing,the fast nature of the coures,heavy goods passing,fast and close,made me a bit nervous,well really it scared me somewhat.[another word not used] I don,t think I ever wanted to do another 10 after that.I am an ex first cat,crit and track racer,but nowadays we have to really wonder is it all worth it ? It,s not 1952,with,not a lotta traffic,it,s 2012,with a great deal more around us….

  • Andy Ball

    56mph with separation of 4 feet vertically and 2 feet horizontally and a vortex effect that would suck 75kg under it without noticing. What is the attraction, or need, for organisers to use routes that were only capable of holding events when horse and cart or stagecoach was the heaviest transport on the road?

    Come on cycling, we spend our time fighting for our corner of the road infrastructure and then decide we are going encroach on a wholly unsuitable piece of tarmac. All those that were caught up, directly in the accident or by the ensuing delays and detours will be reviewing their support of cycling. If we can’t help ourselves how can we expect to gather support from distant partners and the ‘resisters’.

    Leadership needs to bring the entire world of British, if not UK, cycling landscape under a single framework. Having disparate organisers or organisations running events up and down the country leads to fragmented structures and no single point of responsibility and no voice big enough to be heard and listened to. Cycling now has to grow up, get the chip off its shoulder, realise that it is only a part of the ever changing world and remain flexible in its demands. Never expect society to flex to meet cycling’s demands but learn to live.

    I would hate for the death of another cyclist to be just added to an ever increasing list of statistics but be the start of a new way of thinking.

    But at this juncture may I reiterate my sincerest condolences to family, friends, fellow competitors and club for this horrendous accident and my apologies to the driver for being put in this position which is as wrong as the accident was.

  • Rowly

    My thoughts go to this man’s familly as I lay here at Addenbrokes Hospital with a broken neck. I was travelling to a TT but got side swiped by a car at a junction.
    What do we have to do? None of us can stand the thought of not cycling.