The route of the 2012 Tour of Britain was officially launched on Thursday. The eight-day race starts in Ipswich on Sunday September 9 and concludes in Guildford on Sunday, September 16.

The race once again visits England, Wales and Scotland. However, a London finish has been ruled out this year due to the capital’s hosting of the 2012 Olympic Games just seven weeks before.

Instead of a London finale, the fial day takes the rides through the Surrey hills and onto the cobbled streets of Guildford.

The total distance of the race at 1,349.9 kilometres is the longest that it has been since the Tour of Britain returned to the calendar.

For more information on this year’s Tour of Britain route see this week’s issue of Cycling Weekly magazine (April 26 issue)

Tour of Britain 2012: Stages
Stage one, Sunday September 9
Ipswich-Norfolk Showground, Norwich, 199.6km

Stage two, Monday September 10
Nottingham-Knowsley Safari Park, 178km

Stage three, Tuesday September 11
Jeburgh-Dumfries, 161.4km

Stage four, Wednesday September 12
Carlisle-Blackpool, 156km

Stage five, Thursday September 13
Stoke-on-Trent, 146.9km

Stage six, Friday September 14
Welshpool-Caerphilly, 189.8km

Stage seven, Saturday September 15
Barnstaple-Dartmouth, 170.7km

Stage eight, Sunday September 16
Reigate-Guildford, 147.7km


  • Bob Cross

    Another mystifying route from Carlisle South.
    Haven’t the race organisers heard of Mallerstang, Widdale, Ribbelesdale, Gisburn, Blacko!
    Even the coast road around West Cumbria and a climb over Torver to Coniston and Hawkshead would have been a better route.
    As for Caerrphily mountain, The Blorenge or the long flog from Brecon over to Merthyr would have been a better route.

    Best wishes anyway,
    Bob Cross.

  • Iain lyall

    Hm, again just token stage in Scotland, and as previously mentioned not exactly accessible to the majority of the population. You would have thought that with the current interest in cycling, and especially the opportunity to excite youngsters a more accessible route could have been proposed.

  • Jose Luis

    Sadly, the counties that are missing out are probably run by people who simply don’t underStand the positive nature of sport – eg The Olympics and Paralympics, they need to move into the current century and stop looking in the rear view mirror.

  • robert

    more roads closed/traffic problems,I can`t wait.

  • Rory

    Bit of a token trip to Scotland, could have been nearer major population areas and would have attracted huge crowds. Difficult area to get to for most of enthusiastic scots

  • Will

    The ToB website is a disgrace. It takes forever to load and I gave up and came here to get the route!

    Next time lets see the areas that missed out get a look in. Like Kent, the north east, the Midlands

  • Kay

    Stage 2 – Great to see Tour coming back through Derbyshire again. However lets hope they’re riding mountain bikes and not rpoad bikes, I travel part of the proposed route (the Yodel Sprint at Duffield) to work everyday and the road surface is appalling, pot holes, sunken manholes and a section of previous repair that has sunk and left a tyre sized gap for about 20 meters. Good luck lads!!

  • Tim

    Just to reiterate earlier comments, could someone else host more detailed maps please? The official site is a bad joke and the maps just time-out when trying to download them. 🙁

    It doesn’t give a good first impression when the organisers can’t even sort out a website that actually provides the information…

  • martin

    i would love to see a stage in gloucestershire/wiltshire,hills ,flat,abnormal weather,but thats britian,hope to see a stage.

  • jan

    West Sussex is always missed out which is a shame, but there is always next year.

  • Jeff Cook

    A great route and back to Caerphilly mountain where il see the brits dominate hopefully.Brad has confirmed hes riding sky sports have issued today.

  • DMKS

    Makes me laugh to see the Scottish route, just and I mean just cdrosses the border. Some brilliant mountain stages further North wht not visit here?

  • james henderson

    great to see a map of all the stages in the “tour of britain” on your site. unfortunatly the official site of the tour is horrendous and takes forever to load. could you please add links to the map and show the routes in more detail please. trying to get this from isn’t an option.
    kind regards and thanks

  • Matthew

    Yorkshire = tight

  • Jason

    Gutted no Yorkshire route…
    Would love to see ride over through the Pennines.
    Some great climbs Between Sheffield to Harrogate (Through Huddersfield,Holmfirth,Elland,Todmordon,towards Skpiton,Otley ect)

  • Andy

    As I understand it, it’s down to the County Councils to put up for hosting a stage & Yorkshire hasn’t done that – which, given their stated desire to host the TdF, seems somewhat foolish…

  • Mark Ford

    A little dissappointing that for the 2nd year running the ToB completely ignores the largest County in England – Yorkshire

  • Jacki

    Wish I could find out the start time of the Scottish Borders stage as we would like to cheer them on but first we have to get to St.Mary’s Loch

  • Mark Jones

    Sounds like this could potentially be a very good route and interesting throughout if they chose the right roads. Hope to see the Caerphily stage with two climbs near the end – this should be good.