The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has issued a stinging statement rebuffing several claims made by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) in its announcement relating to the disbandment of the Independent Commission.

The UCI had said that the commission was disbanded in part due to the non-co-operation of WADA and the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). WADA evidently disagrees…

“WADA is dismayed by the press release issued by UCI yesterday, both in terms of its content and its deceit,” read the statement issued by WADA President John Fahey on Tuesday, January 29.

“The Independent Commission established by UCI was intended to review the allegations of complicity of UCI in the Lance Armstrong doping conspiracy as raised by USADA in its thorough decision.

“Instead UCI has again chosen to ignore its responsibility to the sport of cycling in completing such an inquiry and has determined to apparently deflect responsibility for the doping problem in its sport to others.”

From the outset, Fahey expressed concerns over the Independent Commission, questioning its true independence from the UCI, its unrealistic timeline and the subsequent treatment of riders or third parties who gave evidence to the commission.

UCI president Pat McQuaid has said that it will now create a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) to “examine the culture of doping in cycling in the past and to clear the air so that cycling can move forward.” McQuaid indicated that WADA had made a U-turn on whether it would fund a TRC, but Fahey denies ever saying his organisation would contribute.

“WADA has not and will not consider partaking in any venture with UCI while this unilateral and arrogant attitude continues. There has been no suggestion made by WADA that it will pay for or contribute to any collaborative effort with UCI into investigating UCI’s long-standing problems with doping in its sport and its alleged complicity,” said Fahey.

The IC issued its own statement on Tuesday afternoon, reacting to the news of its disbandment. “The Commission remains concerned as to WADA’s and the UCI’s ability to agree the scope, timing and structure of the TRC and also whether the T&R process is sufficiently advanced to justify the UCI’s termination of this Inquiry.”

“Neither the UCI nor interested stakeholders have provided sufficient co-operation to enable the Commission to do its job. This failure to cooperate makes our task impossible. Therefore, the proposed hearing on 31 January 2013 will not take place.” 

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  • Mike

    The UCI, in its present form, and with its current president, is a joke. Not a funny joke, but a joke none the less.

  • Howard

    The UCI obviously want to get cycling removed from the Olympics with their attitude and scrapping the Independent Commission! What a great way for Verbruggen and McQuaid to avoid being investigated, who do they think they are fooling! Cycling as a whole needs to get together and replace the UCI with a body that can and will do the job it is supposed to do rather than what looks like a cover up. If money has been accepted from convicted cheats it is unacceptable as it brings in to question the UCI’s impartiality, even if there was no wrongdoing. A full investigation by an outside body, not set up by the UCI is required to either clear or convict anyone suspected of wrongdoing. Anyone proven to have taken bribes either personally or on behalf of the UCI should also be prosecuted. At the same time how about a mandatory life ban plus a 12 month prison sentence for convicted drug cheats on FIRST offence?

  • Grant Grieve

    How can a governing body run an “independent enquiry” into itself…this is typical of the people in charge within all of these bodies. Whether it be the UCI, WADA or whoever it’s always a “who’s the bigger man” competition.

    Pat McQuaid and John Fahey should be ashamed of themselves….how will this sport ever have a clean bill of health when self-interest and arrogance are the watch words of these people. It disgusts me to think that this can continue without indictments being served upon the people responsible.

    The law should and must intervene in this. There has been criminal behaviour involved here and that is not just on the part of the competitors.

    I am now and for the foreseeable future refusing to watch this charade continue that these people have tried to call a sport. It makes a mockery of every guy who goes out at the weekend to ride their bike.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  • c

    This just keeps getting worse and the crass stupidity of the UCI becomes more unbelievable. Is it not time for a referendum to be carried out to see what the rank and file want- Pat and Hein to go or the UCI to be disbanded and replaced by a organisation that pays attention to its members and tackles doping.
    I know how I would vote.