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Evoc bike bag


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I reckon I’ve halved my fastest time for packing a bike thanks to Evoc’s insightful design. Side opening is a good start – easy access, plus once dropped down it makes a great work area/kneeler. Evoc’s supplied bike padding kit is, however, the key to its user friendliness.

In an idiot-proof manner, the padding is labelled, so you know where to put it. It takes just a few minutes to have your bike padded up. There are Velcro loops to secure removed items such as handlebars and seatposts, and everything has a place, which makes packing the bag so intuitive.

Another great feature is the way the front fork padding integrates with the internal structure of the bag so your bike simply slots home, securely located by a few straps. The rear of the bike is well guarded by a large block of solid foam, which crucially keeps the chainrings well off the floor, but we still felt the need to remove the rear mech and place a spacer between the rear dropouts for peace of mind.


The wheels slot into external compartments, which I had some initial reservations over, as it appeared to leave them vulnerable, but with over 10 flights already behind me and not so much as a scratch, I was worrying for nothing. Extra armour added to the outside of the bag over vulnerable spots like the top of the seat tube and stem area are the finishing touches that make this bag top of its class.


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  • NJW

    I bought an Evoc bike bag after conducting fairly extensive online research. I live in Singapore so got it shipped out from Evans (first delivery since I left the UK and their online/phone delivery team did a very good job). This is my first bike bag so I can;t compare with other models, so these comments are based on the two short-haul trips I’ve made with it so far in South East Asia (where baggage handlers are not renowned for their sympathy to bags!).

    In terms of design, construction and use, the bag is exactly as the Cycling Weekly review. Very intuitive instructions with a lot of thought going into the really important things – such as keeping the bike locked in position during travel, whilst protecting delicate areas such as the rear mech and chainrings – and also the finer details such as tapering the shape vertically to lower the centre of balance (and make it less likely to fall over if knocked). There are a number of compartments to put parts, equipment etc into inside the bag which keeps everything nice and organized.

    Evoc have also really thought through making the bag easy to move around with loads of handles in sensible places and a good set of wheels which compare very well to the dakine/burton bags wheels I’ve used to fly with my snowboards. I should think this helps makes luggage handlers life a bit easier which can’t be a bad thing!

    In terms of the really important point (protecting the bike), so far not a scratch on my pride and joy. I was slightly concerned about the level of protection of the wheels before I used it, but the two inserts to each wheel compartment, coupled with the plastic plate covering the hub seem to do a good job. I didn’t remove the rear mech as per the review as the block for the rear of the bike plus the protection from the wheel compartments seemed enough to protect it to me. It might be worth adding some extra padding inside the bag (bubble wrap/card) if you want to really max out on protection, but this is the same for any non hard case.

    The bag is getting a bit scuffed up now, but there is no sign of the material taking any actual damage, it just looks a bit more used.

    One of the real advantages about this bag is the trade-off between weight and protection. I started off looking at hard cases to give the best protection, but the extra weight pushes the total packed weight over a standard luggage allowance. The total weight of the bag plus my bike (Scott CR1) and all clothes, equipment, food etc I needed for a weekend’s riding was 21kg so I was able to get this onboard the plane with no extra baggage cost.

    One point to note for road bikes is that you need to buy the road adapter kit separately as it’s not included in the bag. This is clear from the product description so no bad marks to Evoc for this, but it does add an extra 20 quid to the price.

    Overall, excellent bit of kit and each time I fly now, I’m getting a little less scared now of seeing my pride and joy being taken away by the baggage handlers!