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We test four bikes that cost £900, £700, £500 and £300 to see if you really do get what you pay for

Score 8

We test out the Dolan Dual in our winter bikes head-to-head

Score 9

We test out the Raleigh Clubman in our winter bikes head-to-head

Score 9

Well-priced carbon-fibre offering with Campag Centaur Red groupset for £1999

Score 7

Two hybrids from Bianchi and Wilier mix Italian flair with flat bars and relaxed gearing. So which one fired us up the most?

Score 9

Wilier's Bassano sits atop the ‘Weekend' range. It's by far the best specced and best looking of the three bikes the brand offers, and personally I think it just edges…

Score 9

Creme Glider

Classic looks with truly modern equipment - is the Creme Glider the perfect meeting of past and present?

We test out the latest version of the long-running Dawes Galaxy tourer

Score 9

We check out Thorn's flagship tourer

Score 10

Full carbon-fibre package complete with Shimano Ultegra groupset for less than £1700

Score 8

CW takes a look at a carbon-fibre offering from a new British company

Score 8

Cannondale Trail SL 29er 2

They may have started out as a sideshow but 29in wheels are edging towards mountain biking's centre stage. So what difference does an extra three inches make? The answer comes…

The Moda Senza immediately stands out as a rare breed of track bike ? one hewn from titanium

Score 9

When it comes to bikes, you really can get something grand for a grand ? here?s the proof

Score 8