At just 23g, the Elite Vico Carbon bottle cage is ideal for those wanting to shave grams off their bikes

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Score 9

Elite Vico Carbon bottle cage


  • Very light
  • Competitively priced
  • Looks cool


  • Works much better with Elite bottles. Not ideal for all bottle brands.


Elite Vico Carbon bottle cage


Price as reviewed:


Italian brand Elite is one of the most established manufacturers of bottle cages and the Elite Vico Carbon is its latest lightweight offering. The problem with many featherweight bottle cages is that they sacrifice functionality and don’t tend to grip bottles as well as their slightly heavier, stiffer counterparts.

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If a bottle cage cannot grip a bottle securely then its whole reason for being becomes irrelevant. Fortunately the Elite Vico works well and was able to retain my bottles on roughest Cotswold lanes and a short but nonetheless vicious stretch of cobbles next to Cycling Weekly HQ. There is a caveat though – for optimum performance and integration of the bottle I had to use Elite bottles. CamelBak bottles didn’t fit so well and were rather tight. This is in contrast to the hugely popular and more affordable £12.99 Elite Cannibal cage which weighs 42g and seems to fit most bottles well.

Elite Vico Carbon bottle cage does the job

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£24.99 is for many a lot of money to shell out on a bottle cage, but the Elite Vico still represents decent value when you compare it to competing products of a similar weight. For example, the 28g Arundel Mandible Carbon cage has an RRP of £60 and the 21g Tacx Deva carbon cage has an RRP of £61.99. In this context the price of the Elite Vico cage is competitive.

It looks cool too, although you will have to want black as that’s the only colour option currently available. For more info, head over to Elite


If you are looking to shave precious grams off your pride and joy then the Elite Vico cages are a good way to do that, offering decent value against other lightweight carbon cages. I do suggest investing in Elite bottles to go with them though.